Get Help from RP Staff here!
@izzitaiker This is the wrong section in the forum to appeal for your RP ban. In order to properly appeal for your ban, head towards and submit your ban appeal and the staff member who banned you will reply shortly. I apologize for leading you towards the PvP Ban Appeals in Discord as I was unaware you were appealing for an RP ban. If you require extra information upon your ban, head towards #bot-commands and type !bans (steam64 ID/Steam Profile Link) or you can use . Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you need help navigating through the forums, here's visual examples!
OP has submitted an ban appeal in the appropriate section in the forums ... 91#p178991

Marking this help request as solved. Sorry for the misinformation at the start and best of luck with your appeal! :heartfulpanda: