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By ShrewdShroud
Turns out i am kinda dumb because i don't understand the rules.
Question 1: What is a base?
If its floating is it a base?
If it has no claimed bed or storage is it a base?
If it is over the maximum size is it a base?
If it has a locker but not in a closed space is it a base?
If it is made of barricades is it a base?
If i put lockers on a car and cover them is it a base?
If i plant some tomatoes on the ground is it a base?

Question 2: Can a defending police officer shoot on a player in police uniform who is the bandit raid zone?

Question 3: Can you destroy a car that is inside the base during a raid? What if it is next to the base?
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By Helena
i feel like every question you asked is very well answered within the rules, the scenarios you are giving are quite specific, specially the tomatoes one.
although i can easily tell you that the answer to every single question starting with "if" is No, with the exception of the maximum size one, if your base exceeds sthe maximum size you either fix it or ask for a permit otherwise it may be wiped by an admin
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By ShrewdShroud
I guess if they are not bases so i can destroy them without being in /raid (except for maximum size one).

I guess if i shoot on police as police during a raid that's okay.

Any vehicle that is in the raid zone, is directly involved in an rp event so the raiders can destroy it.

Correct me if i'm wrong.
By Kmsm73.
Answer is yes. I don’t understand your questions because these are all explained. But I’d say you can shoot police but you can’t just shoot police because they could be a raider. But if they aren’t near the base then no. But I would assume it is the mod that will decided if it is kos or your farming for loot.
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By Kmsm73.
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