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By itzxelijah
Hi ! I would like to request a ban appeal from server #10 . I have been a player since 2016 and recently started to get back on again . Yes , I know I made the stupidest decision of false raiding BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN JUST BECAUSE IM THE ONLY PLAYER IN THE SERVER THAT YOU WHAT ? TP TO ME TO CHECK WHAT IM DOING ? I'm sorry but the fact I got perma banned for mass KOS w/ NO INTENT LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?? when I was false raiding isn't fair . That to me is just a form of abuse . So please if you have the chance to get to me ASAP , it'd be appreciated . Times have changed most definitely ever since Ragnaros left man . Missing it . Oh yeah btw , please take away BrotherChiChi as a moderator . I feel as if he doesn't deserve to even be in that position . Real shit tho , even if I don't get unbanned it'd be a shame to see my $40 go down to waste .

[link to ban ss] ... 0738_1.jpg
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By Astro
Hello, you can appeal by submitting one here:

Unfortunately we cannot deal with your ban in this forum.