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By candyvan
idk what's going on, my mic seems to (I think work on other servers) but not in pandahut. also, since before i had confirmation that my mic worked, out of nowhere, i started lagging when i pressed the button to speak.

I couldn't find anything online and i was just hoping someone had the same problem with me.
Thanks. would really like to return to speaking :dog:
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By Miku
Discord is our primary mode of support, you can join it at

If you are talking specifically about RP, the only thing we have to block you from speaking is if you were muted.

It's probably worth just double checking your settings, ensure you are not muted, restarting unturned/your computer.
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By candyvan
thansk youy for youe help miakure i ahve s an update on myt computers qna dit ifx it InSTANTYL!!!!
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By Astro
Marking as solved.