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By DAN2005892
hey guys, servers appear to me normally expect pandahut ones, i have reinstalled unturned, verified files, tried joining through connection and tried joining through steam servers and tried asking moderators about it and all the servers are normal, up and running for them and even have people playing in em, but they won't appear to me, can anyone help me?

Thanks :heartfulpanda:
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By Homelander
Pretty sure it's related to your IP Address
Try getting a new one, either by restarting your router if you have dynamic ip or contacting your ISP if you have static ip address.
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By BigTom
Maybe skill issue? Idk
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By progress
Hi there,

If this issue is still happening please contact me on Discord: progress#2074
Be prepared to send me your Client Log file as that's something that can answer your question.
If you don't want to do that then I will post some solutions, flush your dns, Reinstalling unturned to refresh the Master Servers. Or try joining on a VPN but be prepared to have a lot of ban messages since most of those IPS are banned.

Our discord offer a way faster response time then on the forums.

progress & Pandahut Staff Team :heartfulpanda: