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The idea for a helper is obviously to help the server newbie/inexperienced players. My twist on this is to whilst actively do this sort out other problems. They would be able to cuff rule breakers, people would stay cuffed until they have been put in a sit or they have been flagged in discord then released. It came to me as myself and other players have been clueless when first joining.
This would be a role picked by a forums staff vote .

I think the Helper role should be given to approved players with, 20+ hours, good reputation around staff, is calm, active for more than 3 hours weekly and that has a support and/or staff role, (shows dedication).

Should have access to the following commands; checkplayer (IGN), cuff (IGN), tp (IGN), tp here (IGN), back, (LOGSCOMMANDS).

This topic should be discussed. I believe it will create a positive impact and all people reading this should take consideration.

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By Nicolas
t-mod+ is always a thing -1
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By Bat-Kat
you could always just apply for staff
the hours requirement you have is lower than the actual staff requirement of 20 hours in the last 2 weeks
there would be little to no difference from this role and mod besides being able to do less for no reason.
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By Astro
This is what staff is for
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By Flopdup
heard you talk about it in vc didnt expect you to actually do it. -1 that's what staff are for
This is funny. You could just apply for staff like Bat said.
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By Oldman AJ
Most of the mods do their own thing and get busy on RP ( Boink Ban Hammer )
Some of them aren't even active
we need this role
A role dedicated to helping people rather than mixing up everything and giving in as little information as possible leading to Mass kos and chaos
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By cotto
no logs, or tp. tphere is fine.
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By Outspace
This role would still have powers and therefore would need to be trusted. Why would FORUM staff pick for in game and not RP admins lol? Cuffing can be abused just as bad as other staff commands, so we would really only give it to people who are eligible for staff. The only difference would be no hour requirements, which would then leave us with a bunch of old helpers that would come back later, so then we would make them have hour requirements which would just make it so they might as well get staff.