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Killed With Consent is not a good idea as people would loop the rule and 1v1 each other constantly. Also it would be a big problem when a new player joins and sees people constantly killing each other and thinks it's a pvp server and makes mass kos.
By Bat-Kat
chichis suggestion was that we change KOS (rdm, whatever) to kwr or something to mean killed without reason
1v1ing isnt allowed and both players would be banned for kos if they started 1v1ing
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By Outspace
KOS is used as a blanket term to just mean killed. its already so ingrained, like I said in the past suggestion, and changing it would just be a bigger hassle than its worth. If a player says "It wasn't random" you can either explain the way KOS is used or just say the word "killed".

Locked for repeating an old suggestion