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By PeachyPoro
Failrp constitutes legal crossfire “depending on the situation” nah nah you guys gotta change it to the crossfire becomes attempt kos/kos or once people start to realize this it becomes exploited. How unfortunate if I was to “accidentally crossfire” a fully geared player while failrping by rocketing my own teammate for a hit.
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By nbhIsHere
Taken from the RP rules for #10:

If two people purposely try to catch you in crossfire to kill you contact a staff member, do not kill them as it's still KoS.
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By Miku
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By Matty
Okay, in my defense I was getting shot at with rockets from a rocket launcher. I then shot with a tank and idk if you saw in the video but if I really wanted to kill you trust me I would.

I waited for you to leave and then shot the missile, sure you might've gotten a bit of damage but atleast you didn't die. Then you just shot me lmao.
I promise no intent in killing you, you can see here:

Now that that's out of the way:
I don't think crossfire should be removed, you know how annoying that would be? Kids purposely getting in the way of a roleplay event using their body as meat shields? That would be completely broken lol.