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By borgorkong
How about a mod or a plugin that you gain invincibility when naked and not holding any weapons. Can be applied after dying 3 or more times in a row
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By Matty
+1 Mushy or Miku will definitely add this

ps. i'm joking.
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By gamerdude1
good idea but I can easily see this being exploited
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By cotto
Terrible idea. Fear RP is a thing.
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By Social Skillz
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By Haaland
Yeah I don't understand this
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By Flopdup
I assume you suggested this with the intent of stoping you from being kosed, but lets take your example of after dying 3 times in a row. even if youre getting kosed and no staff are on, if you are naked already (like you said) even if you die 6 more times youre not losing anything so I dont really see the point