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By GhostDragon
AnarchyMachine wrote: April 23rd, 2020, 7:53 am pls bring it allready this topic started exactly 1 year ago xD 23 april 2019 now Im writing this from 23 april 2020 pls washington really bad :(
why did you need to tell us when you were writing this
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By Seba
Miku before you made all those changes to the map... it was new and I liked it but I liked it more when it was just the regular map in winter, I would like a Custom one though
Miku wrote: April 23rd, 2019, 7:03 am This post is where you can make suggestions for the now upcoming map for 13 based on the Milton State map.

Please leave this for suggestions on what can be edited on the map, not for the server.

Link for Milton State: ... =548832483
Miku you know what you can make Panda Coins that can be turned into scrap and make it so that cars and stuff might spawn in rarely

i would really like that

make it RP play ROlEPLAY
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By Mr. Wheezer
I think that a good idea to keep #13 safe from mass kosers and noobs spamming there mics I think that #10 should be a 'training grounds' of sorts. So the idea is that you need a minimum of 15 hours in #10 to get access to #13 this would make kosers and other rule breakers sparse. It would also prevent the large amount of alt accounting on the server. While it may be a very difficult thing to implement I believe it could be beneficial in the long run