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By tomychapp99
military job: runs the military base has /raid /checkp /ticket /arrest /watch [player] [reason] (all military players can watch that player until they think that player isnt doing anything illegal) doesn't have /hit(because of military job) salary +650 MVP+ must have played RP#13 35+ hours must apply through forms

Prison Guard: Has full access to the prison has /jail /arrest /ticket /checkp salary +250 MVP 20 hours as police /checkjail (shows all inmates with jail role)

warden: has full access to prison /jail (player) (reason) (gives player jailed role) /jailcheck (checks all inmates with jail role) /jailticket (player) (reason) (inmate has to earn cash by prison and pay it off there)
/jailraid (all guards can check players and there cell) /checkjail (shows all inmates with jail role)
salary +750 MVP+ Updated

FBI CIA: owns the bottom right island has /check /raid /ticket /jail /arrest /buy(world wide) pink colour MVP+ salary +1000