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By :^ )
Hello, this is your infamous villain Tyrone Nascar teaching you today how to become a complete asshole like me! Nah, Jk.
This guide will teach you the fundamentals of the Pandahut FFA Unturned Server.

Ok, lets get started shall we?

Most players have trouble starting out when first joining the server. This guide will teach you all there is to the server and some tips you could use to your advantage as well.



A feast is basically an Airdrop. You can get either 5 guns of a high worth value or get really bad items such as police clothes/vitamins. It spawns randomly around the map every 5 minutes and 30 seconds. More or less, You get the following:

(I've only included the items you get in feasts. Here is a full list of Unturned's latest items Click Here)

Assault Rifles:
ID 4: Eaglefire
ID 122: Zubeknakov
ID 363: MapleStrike
ID 1037: Heartbreaker

ID 116: Honeybadger
ID 1024: Peacemaker
ID 1027: Viper
ID 1041: Yuri

Machine Guns:
ID 126: Nykorev
ID 132: Dragonfang

ID 18: Timberwolf
ID 101: Schofield
ID 109: Hawkhound
ID 129: Snayperskya
ID 297: Grizzly Sniper Rifle
ID 484: Sportshot
ID 1000: Matamorez
ID 1018: Sabertooth

ID 97: Colt
ID 99: Cobra
ID 107: Ace
ID 488: Desert Eagle
ID 1021: Avenger
ID 1039: Kryzkarek

ID 112: Bluntforce
ID 380: Master Key

ID 346: Crossbow
ID 353: Maple bow
ID 355: Birch bow
ID 356: Pine Bow
ID 357: Compound Bow

ID 474: Maple rifle
ID 479: Birch rifle
ID 480: Pine rifle

ID 6: Military Magazine
ID 17: Military Drum
ID 20: Timberwolf Magazine
ID 98: Colt Magazine
ID 100: Cobra Magazine
ID 103: Schofield Clip
ID 108: Ace Clip
ID 111: Hawkhound Magazine
ID 123: Ranger Magazine
ID 125: Ranger Drum
ID 127: Nykorev Box
ID 130: Snayperskya Magazine
ID 133: Dragonfang Box
ID 298: Grizzly Mag
ID 381: 20 Gauge Shell
ID 478: Rifle clip
ID 485: Sportshort Magazine
ID 489: Desert Eagle Magazine
ID 1003: Matamorez Magazine
ID 1005: Extended Matamorez magazine
ID 1006: Extended Cobra magazine
ID 1020: Sabertooth Magazine
ID 1022: Avenger Magazine
ID 1026: Peacemaker Magazine
ID 1029: Viper Magazine
ID 1040: Kryzkare Magazine
ID 1042: Yuri Magazine

Weapon Attachments:
ID 7: Military Suppressor
ID 8: Vertical Grip
ID 21: 8x Scope
ID 22: Red Cross Scope
ID 143: Bipod
ID 144: Ranger Suppressor
ID 145: Horizontal Grip
ID 146: Red Dot Sight
ID 147: Red Halo Sight
ID 148: Red Chevron Scope
ID 149: Military Barrel
ID 150: Military Muzzle
ID 151: Tactical Laser
ID 152: Tactical Light
ID 153: 7x Scope
ID 296: 16x Scope
ID 302: Shadowstalker Scope
ID 476 : Makeshift scope
ID 477 : Makeshift muffle
ID 1004: Red kobra sight
ID 1007: Adaptive chambering attachment
ID 1008: Rangefinder attachement

ID 223: Police Top
ID 224: Police Bottom
ID 225: Police Cap
ID 10: Police Vest

ID 15: Medkit
ID 389: Antibiotics
ID 391: Vitamins
ID 404: Cough syrup

ID 81: MRE (Restores 80%~ Food/water)
ID 14: Bottled Water

ID 28: Gas
ID 66: Cloth
ID 333: Binoculars
ID 1032: Crowbar
ID 1023: Police baton
ID 140: Butterfly Knife
ID 76: Blowtorch
D 9: Red Daypack
ID 200: Black Daypack
ID 201: Blue Daypack
ID 202: Green Daypack
ID 203: Orange Daypack
ID 204: Purple Daypack
ID 205: White Daypack
ID 206: Yellow Daypack
ID 245: Black Travelpack
ID 246: Blue Travelpack
ID 247: Green Travelpack
ID 248: Orange Travelpack
ID 249: Purple Travelpack
ID 250: Red Travelpack
ID 251: White Travelpack
ID 252: Yellow Travelpack
ID 253: Alicepack (Rarest backpack in Game)
ID 1014: Leather Pack

I took these ID's for your convenience from a guide.


Dealing with NPCs (Non-playable characters) like zombies can be a hassle. Luckily there is a quick solution for this!

Tip 1: When a naked, run into them back & fourth so when they swing they won't be able to hit you.
Tip 2: Melee weapons can be greatly beneficial. Consider buffing your "Melee" skill with /kit xp!
Tip 3: Aim for the head. Doing this will most likely insta-kill your predecessor. (not helmeted zombies)
Tip 4: Run up a hill. Each map generates it's own "Nav Mesh" basically a grid for NPCs to traverse on. Hills have funky Nav -meshes thus making you harder to catch. (Greatly useful for Bloodmoons).



Whenever you are engaging in combat, the element of stealth always comes into play. Do not wear bright yellow/white hats as these will easily give your position away thus making you an easier target. (Miku would be a great example of this)


1. Most assault rifles do a 2 shot to the head sorta deal. Consider wearing a helmet!
2. Grizzly/Timberwolf is always a 1 shot to the head. (Unless you're wearing a helmet)
3. Kevlar Vests like the Millitary/Police Vests increase your probability of survival when getting struck by bullets. (They increase your damage threshold)
4. This is unturned. Physics don't really apply in this game, lol. Don't worry about "Bullet Drop" or any of that mumbo jumbo.
5. Consider in investing into your "Sharpshooter" skill. This will decrease your recoil and hipspread. (Firing without aiming)
6. It's every man for himself. Chances are someone will screw you over. Best to avoid this by only trusting your friends!
7. Don't be a dick. Some people hunt each other down for this reason. Just play the game and have fun!
8. Don't use laser sights/tactical flashlights as these give away your position as I mentioned earlier.
9. This is where most people screw up. Once you kill someone who has a lot of stuff, be sure that they will come back armed. This happens 99.99% of the time. Get what you think is valuable and get out! Don't loiter too much around the area either.
10. A lot of people neglect rangefinders. Every gun in the game has it's own pros/cons. These cons. include limited range on weapons. You can find out more Here.



The kit system is a server add-on used in pandahut which grants the player the privilege on having Xp, Food, and Starter equipment.

/kit xp >> Gives you a 1000 xp (can be used every 5000 seconds)
/kit starter >> Gives you an Axe, Colt, Colt Magazine, 3 Medkits, 2 White hates, Butterfly Knife, 2 or 3 apple juice boxes. (can be used every 700 secons)
/kit car >> Gives you a carjack and a blowtorch (can be used every 500/700 seconds I believe)
/kit food >> Mcdonald's cheeseburgers

Useful Tips

1. Umbrellas act like parachutes in Unturned.
2. Dessert Military clothes sell for 100 bamboo each. Thanks @ Miku for making it so easy :^ )
3. Don't plan on basing, you will most likely get raided when your offline.
4. Use /tpa whenever you want to teleport to your buddy in need!
5. Night-Vision goggles will give out either a green or white glow. This is a dis-advantage to players who use it.
6. Check out the map in this thread. It will point out the useful millitary/ranger drops.
7. Sell Sell Sell! You can buy any item (mostly anything) with bamboo. Go to feasts and sell items using /sell ITEMID.
8. It takes 1 grenade to blow down a wooden wall. 2 for a metal door.
9. Barbed wire can be used on your cars. They do not collide with props.
10. Don't use grenades/c4 to blow up safes or locked crates. Grizzlys can break these items with just only 2 clips, including doors!

This guide gets updated frequently. If you find something to be wrong or just want to post feedback please submit it below :)
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By Miku
PS. There is a kind of old well organized itemid list here
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By Jay
Grizzly/Timberwolf are always 1 shot to the head unless you have a military helmet on, in that case it brings you down to 7% health.
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By Miku
You can survive a shadowstalker shot to the head with Military Helm, Vest, and shirt i believe.
Whenever you are engaging in combat, the element of stealth always comes into play. Do not wear bright yellow/white hats as these will easily give your position away thus making you an easier target. (Miku would be a great example of this)
Hey, I just like to look good, I also still get more kills then most people :p
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By Arashi_tlk
You also can't equipped Muzzles on Matamorez or Honeybadgers to surpress their muzzle flash. Might want to correct that as well.
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By Jack
This is looking good even if everyone seems to be criticising it
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By Arashi_tlk
This is looking good even if everyone seems to be criticising it
Just giving some points to make it better =P. But it is pretty good and will probably help some of the newbs out there.
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By :^ )
Guide updated. I'm gonna look at the change logs of the current version of Unturned until then, I'll be causing havoc on #9.
:^ )