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Hey guys

So about a week ago, I got thinking as usual about how to make staff lives easier and some more suggestions for pandahut. When I first started I didn't have the helpfulness of anyone to teach me, only a couple mates to show me the commands. Admins have been training trials to my knowledge but lately they seem rather busy due to promotions, demotions etc. This guide will be split up till I can finish it

Now for all you new trials reading this, this is a opportunity we are handing, the application process was hard, but this will be tougher, in this guide ill cover some core basics to how to moderate, this should help you on your journeys, as for the rules, learn them, it may take a bit but once you have them in there, they will stay. This guide and the commands are a useful tool to have at your disposal, so use em

As of recently all ban times have been reduced to half! Please abide by this when moderating. Example, the old ban for KOS was 24 hours but has now been reduced to 12 hours, Attempt KOS (old ban) was 12 hours but has now been reduced to 6 hours etc.

  • Basic Commands
  • Pre-made Commands + Recommendations
  • Respectfulness
  • How To Deal With a Situation (sit) Properly
  • Having Fun / Mental Modsits / Off-Duty
  • Abusing
  • Obeying Higher Ranks

Basic Commands Of The Trial-Mod Rank
Code: Select all/mod
Puts you on-duty and in god mode, you do not take damage whilst on-duty and can do commands. When you go off-duty you lose the ability to do commands such as but not limited to /ban, /god etc
Example of use: /mod
Code: Select all/ban Username or Steam64ID "Reason = Ban Time" timeinseconds
Bans the playername / steam64ID for the reason you have put quotes, please add the ban time to avoid confusion of how long the player has been banned for. Time in seconds, has a example here 86400 (for one day), 172800 (for two days), 0 (for PERMA ban) etc. How to use this command
Example (without steam64ID): /ban Mushy "Complete Pleb" 0
This is a PERMA ban
Example(with steam64ID): /ban 76561197969119004 "Still a complete pleb" 86400
This is a day ban
Refer to 1.2 for more info on this.
Code: Select all/restoreinv playername
After that playername has been KOSed or has died to a unfair death use this command to restore the gear they had on death. Make sure this was a unfair death first! Refer to 1.2 for more info on this.
Code: Select all/warn "Playername" "Reason"
By typing this command with the playername inserted (example /warn loxton "caps"). Try not to overuse this command as after 5 warnings to a certain playername it bans the player for 20 minutes
Example of use: /warn "Loxtonjoel" "Excessive Caps"
Code: Select all/god
Puts you in god mode, meaning you are invulnerable to damage, on a rare occasion it may glitch and fail to heal you after you have been damaged, you shouldn't need to use this command much as /mod has the same ability, but it's there if you need it
Example of use: /god
God mode cannot be used on anybody other than yourself
Code: Select all/sc "message"
Typing this command in chat please you will notify all staff on the server of the message, don't overuse it and keep it for important issues to refrain from spam.
Example of use: /sc "Who is currently dealing with Mushy's situation?
Code: Select all/staff
Shows all the staff that are currently online in the server, this can be a helpful tool if people keep changing their names meaning you are unable to see who's on
Example of use: /staff
Code: Select all/carkick playername
Kicks the player from the vehicle they are in, if whilst teleporting a player to you it says "the player is currently inside a vehicle" then do this command and repeat the /tphere playername command
Example of use: /carkick "KipPleblo"
Code: Select all/tp playername
Teleports youself to that playername, be careful with this command, ask them if you can tp to them as they may be in their base.
Example of use: /tp "Miku"
Code: Select all/tphere playername
Teleports that playername to youself. Ask them if you can tp them before you do as a cutesy type thing, if they don't respond tp them anyways.
Example of use: /tphere "Dutchy"
Code: Select all/cuff playername
Cuffs that playername. This restricts them from punching/ attacking. Makes that player invulnerable to damage (god mode).
Example of use: /cuff "Federix"
Code: Select all/uncuff playername
Uncuffs that playername. This enables punching/ attacking from the player.
Example of use: /cuff "Apples"
Code: Select all/investigate playername
Shows that players Steam64ID to you in chat, and when they were last one.
Example of use: /investigate "Hardium"
Code: Select all/ci playername "true"
Forces the drop of that playernames inventory. Remove "true" to not drop equip items, adding it drops them. It also cuffs the player and puts him/her in god mode.
Example of use: /ci "Apples" true
Example of use (without dropping equip items): /ci "Apples"
Code: Select all/kick playername "reason"
Kicks the player from the server. Refer to 1.2 for more info on this.
Example of use: /kick "Tiillo" "Requested"
Code: Select all/mute playername
Prohibits that playername from typing in chat, that player is still able to use voice communication. Remember to unmute that player after he has served his time. This can be easily used if said person is advertising another server to give you enough time to respond
Example of use: /mute "Dre James"
Code: Select all/unmute playername
Allows that playername to be able to type in chat again.
Example of use: /unmute "RageQuit"
1.1 Glitching of Commands
Some commands may glitch every so often. Mushy do his best to make the commands as workable as possible whilst producing them. But some core game mechanics prohibit multiple things and or other problems may occur.

Mushy has now fixed the cuff command, making it so the player cannot stay in god mode after breaking out of cuffs :-)
1.2 Abuse of Commands
Abuse of powers as a moderator could result in a instant demotion. Admins will monitor your commands via logs to make sure you are doing your job right or to make sure you are not abusing your powers. If you lie to cover up your mistakes it will only make it worse and could lead to you getting banned and no able to apply for the moderator rank again.

Pre-made Commands + Recommendations
Ban Times
5 Minutes - 300 seconds
15 Minutes - 900 seconds
30 Minutes - 1800 seconds
1 Hour - 3600 seconds
2 Hours - 7200 seconds
4 Hours - 14400 seconds
6 Hours - 21600 seconds
12 Hours - 43200
16 Hours - 57600 seconds
1 Day - 86400 seconds
1 Day, 12 hours - 129600 seconds
2 Days - 172800 seconds
2 Days, 12 hours - 216000 seconds
3 Days - 259200 seconds
4 Days - 345600 seconds
5 Days - 432000 seconds
6 Days - 518400 seconds
1 Week - 604000 seconds
2 Weeks - 1209600 seconds
PERMA - Blank/0

Yellow - New Player ban times (Recommendation)
Green - Common bans
Recommendations for ban times + Pre-Made bans
Notice: all /bans can also be done with steam64ID's in the place of where it says "playername" on the pre-done bans

Attempt KOS;
If the player damages another player without a RP Situation (Robbery / Arrest / Raid etc) going on it is considered Attempt KOS and is a banable offense. If the player damages two (2) players upgrade it to a day. If the player damages 6+ people it is considered that you SHOULD ban the player permidentally, this may also apply if the player chucks a grenade into a group of people.
  • /ban playername "Attempt KOS x1 = 15 minute ban!" 900 (New Player Ban)
  • /ban playername "Attempt KOS x1 = 12 hour ban" 43200
  • /ban playername "Attempt KOS x2 = 1 day ban!" 86400
  • /ban playername "Attempt KOS x3 = 1 day and 12 hour ban!" 129600
  • /ban playername "Mass Attempt KOS x6 = PERMA!" 0

    If the player kills another player without a RP Situation (Robbery / Arrest / Raid etc) going on it is considered KOS (Kill on sight) and is a banable offense. If the player damages two (2) players upgrade his ban to two days. If the player KOS's 4+ people it is considered that you SHOULD ban the player permidentally, this may also apply if the player chucks a grenade into a group of people.
    • /ban playername "KOS x1 = 1 hour ban!" 3600 (New Player Ban)
    • /ban playername "KOS x1 = 1 day ban!" 86400
    • /ban playername "KOS x2 = 2 day ban!" 172800
    • /ban playername "KOS x3 = 3 day ban!" 259200
    • /ban playername "Mass KOS x4 = PERMA!" 0
    If the player hits another player on the road it is considered the players fault for being on the road, UNLESS the driver is doing this on purpose. If the player who has been hit is off the road it is considered the drivers fault and the driver must be dealt to immediately, make sure to TP the victim back if he was off the road. If you are a moderator+ you have access to the /bandriver command which is much more useful than banning players so I highly recommend you use that instead of banning when you become a moderator. Notice: If the player is on the sidewalk, refund the player but do not /ban or /bandriver the driver of the vehicle
    • /ban playername "CDM x1 = 1 hour ban!" 3600 (New Player Ban)
    • /ban playername "CDM x1 = 12 hour ban!" 43200
    • /ban playername "CDM x2 = 1 day ban!" 86400
    • /ban playernme "CDM x3 = 2 day ban!" 172800
    • /ban playername "Mass CDM x5+ = PERMA" 0
    If the player is constantly harassing you or other players verbally warn them, if they continue ban them accordingly. It all depends on the amount of harassment that the player has revived, please make a informed decision at the time of the incident with proper evidence at hand. If a group is harassing TP them one at a time to avoid a argument between the group and the player
    • /ban playername "Harassment (Minor) = 1 hour ban!" 3600 (New Player Ban)
    • /ban playername "Harassment (Minor) = 12 hour ban!" 43200
    • /ban playername "Harassment (Minor) = 1 day ban!" 86400
    • /ban playername "Harassment (Minor-Major) = 4 day ban!" 345600
    • /ban playername "Harassment (Major) = PERMA!" 0
    Police Baiting;
    Police baiting consists of a player basically asking to be arrested, only to have their friend kill the cop who arrests the player. Unless the player constantly does this over and over even after you have banned them try not ban for more than 1 day.
    • /ban playername "Police Baiting = 1 hour ban!" 3600 (New Player Ban)
    • /ban playername "Police Baiting = 12 hour ban!" 86400
    • /ban playername "Police Baiting = 1 day ban!" 86400
    False Arrest/ Rob;
    This is usually done by those who are new to the server, make sure to ban those who do it wrong and or tell them what they have done wrong and ask them to read the rules. Unless of course they miss a warning of which would be considered a false arrest and the victim should be restored.
    • /ban playername "False Arrest = 1 hour ban!" 3600 (New Player Ban)
    • /ban playername "False Rob = 1 hour ban!" 3600 (New Player Ban)
    • /ban playername "False Arrest = 12 hour ban!" 43200
    • /ban playername "False Arrest = 12 hour ban!" 43200
    If the player is disrespecting other players then deal to accordingly, if he has just joined the RP server to disrespect players then I personally would give out a "No intent to RP + Mass Disrespect" ban. If the player is just disrespecting players in a minimalist way give them a verbal warning and if necessary /mute the player (moderator+ have access to /warn, if any are on notify them to deal with it). Notice: Remember to /unmute playername after you have muted them!
    • /ban playername "Disrespect (Minor) = 1 hour ban!" 3600 (New Player Ban)
    • /ban playername "Disrespect (Minor - Major) = 1 day ban!" 86400
    • /ban playername "Disrespect (Mass - Major) = PERMA!" 0
    Mass Caps/Spam;
    If the player is using Mass Caps or spamming world chat ban and or mute accordingly. If the player is using area chat be a little more lenient but don't let the player go over the top. Trials can use "/warn playername" "reason" instead of banning straight up as it is quicker
    • /mute playername
    • /ban playername "Mass Caps = 1 day ban!" 86400
    • /ban playername "Mass Spam = 1 day ban!" 86400
    If you find a player glitching (using a Unturned core game glitch) or (building / built a glitched base) ban accordingly, if it's a small glitched base ban for 3 days whilst if it's a large glitched base ban for 1 week. If the player is Exploiting or has found a bug with a system in the server and is actively using it you must notify a higher up and ban the player for how much he exploited this bug
    • /ban playername "Glitched base (Small) = 3 day ban!" 259200
    • /ban playername "Glitched base (Large) = 1 week ban!" 604800
    • /ban playername "Exploiting (Minor) = 1 day ban!" 86400
    • /ban playername "Exploiting (Minor - Major) = 1 week ban!" 604800
    • /ban playername "Exploiting (Major) = PERMA!" 0
    Hacking/DDos Threats;
    If a player is making DDOS or is Hacking whilst on ANY Pandahut server gather evidence and notify higher ups (if it's DDOS threats) immediately. Any DDOS threats will result in a instant recommended PERMA ban and the player can explain himself later whilst in the appeal process (if he does decide to appeal it). If the player is Hacking gather evidence and ban accordingly. To ban for hacking you must take a screenshot, if you have enough evidence notify people such as Mushy, Miku or Dutchy on steam immediately as this new Hack that bypasses BattEye
    • /ban playername "DDos Threats = PERMA!" 0
    • /ban playername "Hacking = PERMA!" 0
    If a player is scamming the person, example the player pays for a wall yet the builder fails to provide it and TP's away and or log out of the server the moderator must provide a refund to the player, if it's the other way around try to provide the item (if necessary ask a moderator to add a role to themselves and buy it)
    • /ban playername "Scamming = 1 hour ban!" 3600 (New Player Ban)
    • /ban playername "Scamming = 1 day ban!" 86400
    • /ban playername "Scamming (Major) = 4 day ban!" 345600
    Destroying Vehicles;
    If the player isn't a police officer and or a moderator then they are unable to clear cars, if they do refund the car to the victim and verbally warn the predictor. If the player constantly keeps destroying cars and isn't the above roles then a ban should be given
    • /ban playername "Destroying cars = 12 hour ban!" 43200
    • /ban playername "Destroying cars = 1 day ban!" 86400
    Fail RP;
    If the player logs during a arrest/ robbery or when a player destroys tires of a car without a RP Situation happening it is considered fail RP and is a banable offense. If the player has logged during a arrest/ robbery give them 2-5 minutes to log back in as it may have been a connection issue with the server
    • /ban playername "Fail RP = 6 hour ban!" 21600

Respect for players
When dealing with situations involving player be extremely careful as when dealing with players, we are here to protect them, not be agent them. A couple months ago staff members seriously disrespected players, they were admins at the time, both of them have since been demoted and PERMED due to this. When you are a trial-mod try aim for absolutely no player reports agenst you whilst you attain the rank, this will show RP Admins that you are doing your job right and could lead to you getting promoted!

In the past pandahut has had thousands of members, all varying in from gender to race. Anything you do say could affect a player in any way, if him/her is offended by what you have said then apologize as soon as you can to that player. Racism, player dis or anything elce will lead to a instant demotion of said moderator. Do not discriminate players!

Admins regularly review footage from players or make alts to check your performance as a moderator. You may never know who is a alt or not, so handle each situation correctly and fairly! Player who record you doing something can also get you demoted just as easy, be careful with your sits, as a bad sit could be your last.
Respect for other staff
I have personally always used the quote "You can't pick and chose your co-workers, but you can pick and chose your friends" this is powerful as picking the right people by your side can be a effective tool, but picking the wrong people could lead you to trouble. As said above in the players section staff are the same as a player, a joke to you could highly offend him and could also lead to a demotion. Pick and chose your words, don't blabber them out!

If you have a problem with another staff member don't publicly announce it! Keep it between you two, I don't want to hear you moaning about how he did this, or he did that, it it was agenst the rules, make a player report. I get tired of staff holding grudges agenst each other, it's a pain for everyone not just you two! By holding grudes you affect the entire team, this is a hamper to the team, so try keep your grudges in private conversations or even keep it professional between you two.

Keeping a professional relationship between other mods. Whilst you have the rank of trial-mod or any other staff rank you should be highly professinal towards both players and staff, you have a chance to prove yourself when you are a trail-mod, so prove that you are a worthy pick for the team. Think of it as sports team, we only pick the top players and to stay on the team, you need to be the top of your game, not at the bottom!

How To Deal With a Situation (sit) Properly
Today I will be showing you how to do a KOS sit, the most common sit you will encounter whilst moderating on the servers. Remember each sit varies in every way shape or form, use higher ranks above you if you don't know anything, they are a useful tool so use it! In this part I will be in a mod sit I will be intending that Auzzy kosed Gumpy on the server #10. Make sure he HAS KOSed first. Try do all the commands in "area" chat so that if you mess up it's only in area so the server doesn't see :-)

First tp yourself to a good location of your choice, my personal preference is heritage valley
picture 9.PNG
picture 9.PNG (35.62 KiB) Viewed 3151 times

Then Tp both the KOSer and and KOSed
picture 8.PNG
picture 8.PNG (9.7 KiB) Viewed 3151 times
picture 7.PNG
picture 7.PNG (27.73 KiB) Viewed 3151 times

Get the full story from the KOSer and determined if it was a fair kill or not
picture 6.PNG
picture 6.PNG (20.11 KiB) Viewed 3151 times
His answers may vary, if he tries lie to you, then refund both sides and continue RP, you must have proof they are lying before banning them!

If it was a clear KOS then restore the victim, in this case Gumpy
PICTURE 5.PNG (18.58 KiB) Viewed 3151 times
Once this is done TP gumpy back to his original position, if he has friends ask to tp to them using "/pm playersname can I tp your friend back?", most of the time they will be asked to be TPed back to Seattle or Albertown, do this by doing
picture 4.PNG
picture 4.PNG (17.07 KiB) Viewed 3151 times
picture 3.PNG
picture 3.PNG (9.3 KiB) Viewed 3151 times

then TP back to the KOSer in this case auzzy and explain to him his ban time, if he seems new (a good way to check this is their rep) ban him for 1 hour, if he is a older player on the server ban him for 1 day. Link them with the rules so they can read them whilst they are banned.
Picture 2.PNG
Picture 2.PNG (55.47 KiB) Viewed 3151 times
(Notice how I speak in area chat)
Picture 1 - Guide to mod.PNG
Picture 1 - Guide to mod.PNG (12.41 KiB) Viewed 3151 times

You have finished your first ban, congratulations!

Having Fun / Mental Modsits / Off-Duty
Having Fun
Whilst it's all well and good to have a bit of fun now and then, there is a line you shouldn't cross, we have rules for a reason, as soon as someone is offended stop right there and change the subject! Whilst staffing the servers you may find your getting bored or annoyed, hey we all do but don't start bringing it out on the players they are here to RP and you are too, have a bit of fun, maybe ask to run a event (permission of a RP Admin) or drive a party bus around and blast some music in people ears (whilst driving, make sure not to annoy people :-)). Make doubly sure you don't break any rules when having a bit of fun, keep the players happy and you will be happy dealing with them too!

If you ever think a staff member is going over this "line" whilst having a chat to you notify them and tell them to stop politely and change the subject, easy as that, don't let it build up to point you outburst at them as both sides would be to blame and if any rules are broken then it could lead to a demotion. You may know their weakness but don't exploit them for it!
Mental Modsits
It isn't all about you, it's about how you handle those sits, you deal with them in a respectful and nice manner, the players will comply and be equally respectful, on the other hand you deal with them in a annoying / aggravated manner what re they gonna think, hey hes a bad mod it will also play out on your own mood too, be happy, there's nothing stopping you!

Moderating is a mind game as said above if both sides are happy with what they are doing then that's a good thing. Try doing something both sides are happy with, example
Player A
KOSes because he forgot to do /robassist playernameofrobber
He apologizes and says it was a mistake and he will read over the robbing commands again

Player B (KOSed)
Is fine with it as long as it doesn't happen again

TP both players back and carry on, if it happens again, then somethings wrong, in this case it keeps both players happy and playing!
Off Duty
When you are off-duty you hold the permissions of a normal player, but you hold the respect of a moderator. Dos't lose the trust of being a moderator as you will lose trust in yourself. Whilst being off-duty may not sound like a big thing, you can still break rules! Try do something that keeps you happy, for me in my case it's building a easy way to have a bit of fun and moderate at the same time, for British it was being a farmer, for Lushless it was being a doctor, I especially recommend non-lethal roles, it means moderating is a dream as you can drop what your doing and TP over there ASAP before the situation develops meaning you will have to deal with more.

Abusive Commands
Some commands are incredibly abuse and can easily lead to a demotion if used incorrectly by the staff member. Some staff have abused before and not been caught no doubt about it but trust me, people look at logs and eventually you will be caught and punished for your actions. To start off with I will list one command that are used often by staff as they don't realize they are abusing, even if it isn't in the rules, it could be a "unspoken" rule, please use common sense whilst doing this

/addrole role playername
When there is none of a certain role on the server, lets use builder for example you are unable to add a role to fill this vacant slot, it is considered abuse as any other player would be unable to do this. Unless you are running a event or the role changer is glitched (see below) or is a new player who is constantly having trouble adding their role and you know what role they want it would be considered abuse, so don't do it!

When a player notify's a staff member that their role changer is glitched please ask them nicely to take a steam screenshot of the role changer time at the time, then 5 minutes later tell them to do it again, if it is the same change their role. Be aware this doesn't happen often as I have only come across it once in 10 months of staffing.
When TPing be aware the player has given you permission, as it is said in the rules
Code: Select allYou CANNOT teleport to a person that hasn't given you consent to do so, in order to help them with a situation.
the only exception to this rule would be if the player had KOSed. This rule is in place so that moderators cannot abuse their powers to see what's happening or gain a possible advantage when raiding their base. When TPing I consider myself OOC (out of character) there for anything I see or do when in this mode I would be unable to know what is in that said base or what happened.

Do not use your moderator powers to TP around the map when players don't need your help. Example

don't need help abusing powers
Moderator A
/tp stratford

Moderator B (not abusive)
Player A;
/adminhelp I got KOSed
Moderator B;
/tp playerA
/restoreinv playerA
KOSer you are getting banned for KOS (how long the ban is) or warned depending on how new the player is
/ban KOSER "reason" timeinseconds

Obeying Higher Ranks
At all points when moderating on the server you will have someone higher then you (unless your Mushy but that's besides the point) at which point you will almost always have someone above you telling you what to do. Most of the time these people have been here longer than you respect that as they should have more knowledge of the rules and how the server works. When on the server use this chain of command
Head RP Admin
RP Admin
RP SuperMod
RP Mod
RP TrialMod

if the rank above you don't know the rule, call for a higher staff member if none are available look at the rules and come up with a informed decision. If you feel or know you were wrong inform a higher staff member as soon as they are online. Even if the moderator is the same rank he can still be of use to you, call him over to help, two minds is always better than one!

If you have made it this far in the guide, I congratulate you, your moderation on the servers is greatly appreciated by the players and staff alike, we need you to keep the constant problem of KOS down and keep RP what it is RP! Your time when being a moderator will have it's ups and downs, you will lose old friends and gain new owns and I personally wish you good luck, yours sincerely

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