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By wonslowcar
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Raid Descriptions on Circular Bases
when you call raid on a circular base, you should include the following things:
  • circular
  • material (wood, metal, brick, etc)
  • direction from the closest landmark (prefab or location)
  • SIZE, in length x width x height (length and width will be the same number on a perfectly circular base) (reference link for sizes in comparison to squares:
  • If you have to, include if the base has windows, and if the windows are one way, bulletproof, etc.

What is a honeycomb?
A honeycombed or honey-combed base is a base, usually a circular base, where every / almost every wall has a doorway, so you are forced to use the most ammo possible while raiding to go through each room.This is in reference to a bee's honeycomb, which is a big blob of hexagons put together inside of a bees nest. Honeycombing is often done with bases that store loot, so you have to go through every room
How Do I Raid a Honeycombed Base?
Honeycombed bases most often have loot in the middle of the base. The easiest way to raid a honeycombed base is to find, or guess, the room in which loot would be stored. The generator will often be close or in the loot room. Raiding down from the roof of a honeycombed base is much easier than going thru each doorway.

Raiding a Normal Base
The Cagelight Method
Something I like to do is the cagelight method. The cagelight method is simply holding a cagelight, or any item that uses a generator power so you can see the outline of a generators radius. By using the cagelight method, you can see where the generator is in the base, which is most likely near where loot is in the base. The cagelight method can also be used to see if the base has sentries, if the generator is on, etc, by placing the cagelight. if it turns on, the generator is on and you must be careful for sentries

pro tip men
When entering a base during a raid, try to walk in without a gun out. Although you are vulnerable, you can assess the situation and see where any sentries are in the room.

If there is a base that you do not and cannot guess the size for, use common sense. If a base has a weird shape, say that it has a weird shape and give it an estimated size.

If you are raiding a base with the owner online, your goal is to kill them. Once you kill the owner of the base, they cannot return to the raid. When you kill the owner and get inside the base, you can either barricade yourself in or leave a hole for yourself to occasionally kill people outside, but still focusing on the raid.]

THOROUGHLY read the raid rules.
if u are in a group, keep track of EVERYONE's bases and raids. raiding the same base in 3 days, even if it was raided by someone else in your group, will result in a ban.

i am not pro raider but i am professional fortinite gamer
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By wonslowcar
i disagree with the guessing base sizes. YOU HAVE TO BE 100% ACCURATE on the size is what I what i learned the hard way. otherwise, this was really good advise
if 2 staff members checking false raid cannot agree on a size that makes sense, you should be allowed to give your best estimate of size. being 100% accurate in a circular to square translation is impossible unless miku officially sets translation standards. although if you say "3x3 circular pine base" that has 7 layers, you are obviously dumb and it was false raid to the fullest extent
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By ShrewdShroud
just write the size of the smallest cuboid that can contain the base

tip: if there is a similar base near, write the car you parked next to it (if you have one) as a detail so it is unmistakable