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By Outspace
Another tip is that server restarts reset all cooldowns. This means kidnapping, KITS, role changers, everything. Auto server restart is at 9am. You can do your kits just before and just after restart, or get a free role change in. It's a neat little trick I've been using for years during any server restart.
By Curmudgeon
Instead of relying on builders, invest all your exp into construction and building, then go to kennewick farm.
Use crafting to get everything you need for a building.

This is especially helpful for police who desperately need prisons to /jail and receive bail payments.
Instead of wasting bullets or time on destroying a fence, jump over or Walk around.
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By nbhIsHere
Treat your base like its 100% getting offline raided today, don't store too much valuables there and if you can sell all the unnecessary stuff that you don't need so the raider doesn't get it.
This might not be a very good tip but it’s what I’ve seen. Whenever you join the server say something small like “hey guys” “hello” something like that. Eventually people will start responding back, when people see a group welcoming a person they get interested in you. This could help because people will try to get close to you to see what you are about. This ties in with MattCobra’s tip for making connections. Hope this helps someone
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By Chromatic
Jacklay43 wrote: October 29th, 2020, 5:42 am Easiest way to get quick cash:
1) go to
2) scroll down
3) select mvp plus
4) input payment info
5) instant money
6) repeat as necessary