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By Outspace
Community Tips and Tricks!
So I've always wanted to make big guide about my experiences, but right now I'm short on time and only have my phone.

Therefore, my solution is to create an open guide to the public. Everyone can post little neat tricks and stuff for roleplay, no matter how small it may seem.

Please only post tips and tricks here, no support or dialogue to keep organization
You can show your support by liking the posts by others
New rule that should of been obvious, telling others tips that includes breaking the rules will either get it deleted or edited out of your post

Everyone should try and contribute a little trick they have picked up, try to post something original here, if this works out how I want it'll be amazing. You can post multiple times If you keep getting new ideas as well, and I'll post different tricks when I can!

My first suggestion is for getting metal. Getting metal can be super useful for crafting your own sentries and other things for much much cheaper. Don't underestimate salvaging tools found in the construction area and other places. Or use /buy compass to salvage to metal scrap for 30 each
Some people have access to free rangefinders through kits, but otherwise they are 800 a piece. Friendly sentries cost 2500 a piece. So to get sentries at a much cheaper price you can do /buy rangefinder 2, then /buy compass 21. Each sentry takes 10.5 metal(because of bars). The method I use is here:
  • 6 rangefinders, 63 compasses salvaged to metal scrap
  • Craft 12 metal sheets, turn the rest to bars
  • Craft 12 metal wire, then make 6 metal rifle racks under furniture and 6 spotlights under electricity.
  • Craft 6 sentries under electricity.

The cost for this is cheaper than buying from the shop directly, especially if you can get the metal from sources other than buying compasses.
2500 x 6= 15000(there's 5% tax but mobile so no calculate)
800x6=4800, then 4800 + 30x63 =6690 total(plus 5% tax.)
As you can see, crafting is more time consuming but it is also much more efficient. Sentries are but a single example of this.
:heartfulpanda: Thank you for reading this far and I hope you can provide some great information for others!
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By cotto
Dont spend bamboo. Dont give free bamboo. Dont buy stuff. Loot dead bodys for loot or get kits. Every time you play make sure you gained more money then when u got on. you should try and use the /buy command once every 15 /sell commands.

Take advantage of new players. 500 goes a long way with them (Slave labor).

If you loose a 100k flip, keep flipping for more because eventually u will win.

Dont buy a rank for vaults. Use your other characters to store loot. You should have unturned gold before buying ranks on servers btw.

Dont place hits. Waste of your time and money. Instead of wasting ur time beefing w/ someone, go earn more cash.

Never make a purchase over 10k at a time. Money goes quickly if you dont keep track of it.

Dont start beef with other groups. Wars last like 2 weeks and they just cost a lot. Big waste of time and money.

Pick up random loot at any loot spawn in the game as a salesman (gas stations, houses, milibase). Easy 3k by just walking around.

Act poor and beg for money. "Yo Zevic, could u spare me like 1k for building materials?" Dont spend that shit on building mats!

NEVER BUILD BASES. They WILL get raided. Dont store any of your shit in a base. If you get stuff, sell it asap. Get that shit off you hands.

Yeah thats it. Just be cheap.
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By MattCobra
No matter what role you go to what type of player you are, connections make all the difference.

I've been saved numerous times because of connections I have with people. You should always make friends before enemies.

Bonus points if your connections are in a popular faction, extremely good at making money or a position in government power.

Lots of newer role players seem to ignore this by being too aggressive to others when they first join the server. Make friends early.
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By Outspace
If you need food you can gather most of it from the prefabs around most towns. I generally check grocer, then the houses in North West Seattle. Sometimes mall is open and that also spawns food. It's a time and money saver.

Getting a portable generator is extremely easy, it just takes 10 metal and then you can buy yourself 5 gas. Craft 4 metal sheets and 4 metal bars, then under electricity make a portable generator. Then you can fill it with 4 of the gas and /sell gas 4.

Picking weaponsmith or tailor is probably your best way to make money without having a rank on the server. You can /sell guns you find at military base or clothing you find everywhere. You can also find players willing to buy clothes along with it.

Another strong role is builder, but this is more grindy. You can get a chainsaw and start cutting logs, once your inventory is full then check how many you have total. Say you can fit 39 total, so type /sell "pine log" 39, copy it, then send it and sell. Now you can fill your inventory up and just quickly paste in that to sell almost instantly every time. This method is grindy but is a good way to earn your first 30k or so to be comfortable and have fun on the server without a worry.
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By Flopdup
want money? do what Sournois Renard did or whatever his name was (only certain people will get this)
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When starting out you can make good money as a decorator selling thing made from wood. You just need some clothes a chainsaw and a saw.
As a cop you can sell indigo berries, thats good money too but requires a base and you should be careful not to get caught as it is illegal.
You can get food from eating berries from the wild such as rainbow bridge island also it is illegal.

Also you can tp between two beds using /home if you claim the bed after using /home within 10 seconds. (I hope this is not against the rules.)
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By PeachyPoro
A fast and efficient way to earn quick money is to loot military clothing. You have to be a tailor or a salesman to use this method.

It's a little boring, but it's worth it in the long run. I made 150-200k a day off this easily (however I played for HOURS).

1) Become tailor/salesman
2) Head over to military base, make sure you have a empty inventory
3) LOOT everything. This is important because if you don't loot all the loot, you won't get new loot respawn
4) Trash/throw away everything else that isn't saleable (salesman can sell almost all of it) like military knife, etc. Sell all military clothing you get

One full inventory can give u 15k in my experiences. Takes around 5-10 minutes to loot a full inventory depending on your RNG luck.

HINT: The best and most efficient way to do this is to hire a bunch of noobs to help you loot also. You can pay them $50 a clothing, and cash in $150 profit for yourself.
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By PeachyPoro
If you are a new player, please read the rules before playing. This saves yourself and others from a lot of headaches. Always respect the staff members, remember they are just normal people like you who are VOLUNTEERING their time to help keep the server fun and enjoyable. My biggest regret would be when I first started up to recently, just how toxic I was towards players and staff. This is not a good/healthy way to play. Be kind, make friends and not enemies. I myself missed out on a lot of chances to just really get to know other players and befriend them due to how salty and cancerous I was. Don't make this mistake, make friends. Being nice to everyone, calm, and nice just makes the overall gaming experience on the server that much better.
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By Helena
Roleplay is best enjoyed when you have a group or partner to play with, someone you know, when you are by yourself you find most of the time to be spent in watching others or getting involved in what you can, but the rp experience is far better once you meet the people that frequent the server and get to know their "history" and whatnot, this could even save your life

for instance, if a blue haired woman with bubbles on her head approaches you, log off the internet for the rest of the day and makes sure your windows and entrances are locked on the inside.

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Save your role changes if you can to sell them to other people. Usually, people are always looking for a specific type of role, such as builder/decorator/constructor/tailor/doctor etc. You can charge people 10-15k for a single role change!

Also, if you are about to log off for the next few hours or the whole day, try to role change to a role you know you will need/play when you hop back on again. This helps because lets say you are currently a weaponsmith, and you know you want to be a mechanic, you can change to mechanic before you log off. When you log back on, you will still be a mechanic and still have a role change ready as compared to logging off as a weaponsmith, then coming back on and changing to a mechanic without having that role change ready afterwards.
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