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By WyattL
This guide is intended to guide new police of all ranks. It covers everything from beginner topics to advanced topics.
This guide may be updated in the future.

Police Officer
  • Police officers are the most basic police. They are at the bottom of the hierarchy.
  • To check a player for unlicensed or illegal weapons, you can use /checkplayer. Alternatively, you can use /cp. This will show in chat if a player has any unlicensed or illegal weapons.
  • You can check players for outstanding tickets using /tickets. Alternatively, you can use /ti. This will show in chat all the unpaid tickets a player has been issued. Tickets become outstanding after they were issued over an hour ago.
  • To issue a ticket or fine to a player, you can use /ticket [player] “[reason]” [fine]. An example of this command would be /ticket Wyatt unlicensedx5 500. As with most commands, you must put “” around text if it contains text. For example, /ticket Wyatt “unlicensed guns x5” 500. The ticket amount must be below $2,000.
  • To remove a player’s ticket, use /removeticket ticketID. You must removing outstanding tickets from a player if you arrest them for outstanding tickets.
  • Arrests
    • Before starting an arrest, make sure you have a jail cell. There’s no reason to arrest an player if you can’t put them anywhere.
    • Players can only be arrested for offenses under Arrestable Offenses and Warrantable Offenses here.
    • REMEMBER: Murder and Assault cannot be attempt KOS or KOS. You can’t arrest someone for KOSing someone.
    • To arrest a player, do /arrest player "reason". You can also use /at player "reason". For example, /arrest Wyatt unlicensedx5, another example being /at Wyatt unlicensed guns x5.
    • Upon starting an arrest, immediately do /wp. This will warn the player to dequip their gun, surrender, and follow you. Do this command if they are not complying, once every 12 seconds. Once it says Warning 4 you may kill the arrestee. If the arrestee pulls out a weapon, (Did not have it out before) or shoots a weapon, then you may kill them.
    • After you handcuff the player, have them follow you to your prison cell. Upon them entering the cell, you want to /frisk player, this will make them drop any illegal items. If you do /checkplayer and they still have unlicensed or illegal weapons, you may warn them to drop them in the following format: Warning 1 Wyatt drop 1x rocketlauncher 2x dragonfang. Make sure to include the arrestee’s name. You must wait at least 10 seconds between each warning. If the arrestee does not drop the items by 10 seconds after warning 3, do /checkplayer to ensure the arrestee still has the items, then you may kill them.
    • Once the arrestee does not have any illegal or unlicensed items, you must jail them. Use /jail player time to sentence them to jail. For example, /jail Wyatt 10 will place me in jail for 10 minutes. The arrestee cannot kill you or raid their way out after being jailed. You must then issue the bail. In chat, say something along the lines of bail 2k. The bail must be a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $5,000. Upon the bail being paid by any player, you must release the arrestee. Upon their release, remember to do /jailover player.
  • If a player is surrendering or handcuffed, you can use /drugtest player to see if they consumed any drugs recently. Alternatively, you can use /test player
  • Kidnappings
    • Upon a kidnap beginning, you may /rescue hostage to rescue the victim. You may not counter or anything until this command is called.
    • You must be at the kidnapping and be in police uniform to rescue the hostage.
    • Upon a rescue beginning, other officers nearby may be killed, even if they are not rescuing.

  • SWAT are just slightly better than normal Police Officers.
  • SWAT members and above will see illegal items in /checkplayer, instead of just weapons.
  • SWAT members are the same as Police Officers on the hierarchy.

Police Chiefs
  • Police Chiefs are the police intermediates. You must apply for police chief. To do so, read the rules here, you may submit your application here.
  • To impound a vehicle, use /impound while looking at a vehicle. You may only impound vehicles which are in violation of Title 3.2 of the Washington Code.
  • Police Demotions
    • If you witness any police officer breaking any of the demotable offenses located on Title 3.1 of the Washington Code.
    • You must have evidence of the offense. A video or screenshot will suffice. You must make sure the screenshot or video shows the offender as a police (I.e. /checkrole, typing in chat, etc)
    • To place a demotion, fill out the forum here.
  • Court
    • Before charging a player, make sure there is a judge online who will take the case.
    • To charge a player with a court case, use /charge player "reason". For example, /charge Wyatt unlicensedx5. Before beginning court, make sure to collect the evidence! Do not trash the items if they are to be used as evidence for a court case.
    • Upon charging a player with court, you must bring the player to the court. Court can take place anywhere, but a common location is the large building near the Golf Course.
    • The judge should begin and read out the procedure beyond that. Remember to stay respectful to the judge at all times. I can send you to jail for being rude to me.

Police Deputies
  • Police deputies get all the fun stuff. To apply, follow the same procedure as Police Chief.
  • Search Warrants
    • Police Deputies, Captains, Judges, and Mayors may issue search warrants.
    • To issue a search warrant, use /searchwarrant player “location”. For example, /searchwarrant clappa “Seattle mall prefab behind hospital”.
    • NOTE: The player is the officer you are wishing to grant the search warrant to!
    • You may not issue yourself a search warrant.
  • Police Raids
    • If a player has declined a searchwarrant or has denied confiscation of illegal items found during a searchwarrant, you may begin a Police raid.
    • Please touch up on the police raid rules here.
    • During a police raid, you may only destroy illegal items, and methods to access the illegal items.
  • Arrest Warrants
    • You may issue arrest warrants for offenses under Title 4.2 of the Washington Code
    • Anyone officers may arrest someone with an active warrant.
    • Use /warrantlist to view all active warrants.
    • Use /warrant player "reason" amount to issue an arrest warrant. For example, /warrant Wyatt “unlicensedx5” 5000
    • The warrant amount will be issued to the town balance upon the warrant being executed.
    • The warrant amount must be between $1,000 and $5,000
    • You may revoke a warrant with /removewarrant player.
  • Judges are able to determine the outcome of court cases.
  • Follow the same procedure as Police Chief to apply for Judge.
  • You must be at least a Police Chief or above to apply for Judge, and also have enough hours as Lawyer.
  • Once a player is /charged, court may begin.
  • Court procedure is defined in Title 5.2 of the Washington Code
  • To dismiss a case, (Not Guilty) you would use /dismiss caseId player.
  • To sentence a player, (Guilty) you would use /sentence caseId player “verdict”. The verdict should include Guilty, with the punishment.
  • To find a caseId, you must use /cases.
  • You have three options for punishment, and may combine punishments.
  • Court Punishments
    • Fines: The judge (or an officer at the request of the judge) may issue tickets to the defense.
    • Jail Time: The judge (or an officer at the request of the judge) may jail the defense. They will be placed into a cell, and be /jail’ed.
    • Death Penalty: The judge may sentence the defendant to death. The defendant must be executed by the judge (or an person at the request of the judge) in a “reasonable amount of time”, implying starvation or dehydration is prohibited, along with other long & painful deaths.
  • Death Penalties
    • Starvation: Prohibited, unless the defense is already quite hungry.
    • Dehydration: Prohibited, unless the defense is already quite thirsty.
    • Gunfire: Permitted, assuming you are actually hitting the defense.
    • Stabbing: Permitted, assuming you are actually hitting the defense.
    • Radiation: maybe Permitted. If it is reasonable to transport the defense to a deadzone, this is probably allowed.
    • Suffocation: Permitted, assuming it is reasonable to transport the defense to a body of water.
    • Lethal Injection: Permitted, assuming their death is quick.
    • Others: Permitted, if they are quick.
  • Mayors receive a handfull of perks and benefits.
  • To apply for mayor, you must have at least 55 hours.
  • To enter yourself as a candidate for an election, lookout for posts on the forums by a RP Administrator (usually @ZERO) for candidate registration.
  • After your are registered, players may vote for you in game with /elect yourName. You may use /election to view the election results, on !election in #bot_commands on Discord.
  • Mayors have access to the Town Balance. Money for Arrest Warrants, Tickets, and Gun Licenses are deposited into the Town Balance. To view the town balance, you can use /townbal. To withdraw money from the town balance into your account, use /townbal withdraw amount.
  • Mayors may issue search warrants. Refer to the Search Warrants section under Police Deputy.
  • Mayors are the head of the police hierarchy. They may issue orders to all police roles below them. *Judges are not part of the police hierarchy. *Mayors are not immune to arrest.
  • Mayors are bound by the demotable offenses under Title 3.1 of the Washington Code. If a mayor is found to be breaking these offenses, they may be demoted in the same fashion as a Police Officer.
  • Mayors may request laws be added, removed, or modified by messaging an administrator. @ZERO is usually the best administrator to message.
  • Mayors are able to /buy and /sell as a Builder and Decorator, along with whatever 2nd role they choose.
  • Mayors may not hold any Criminal, Police, or Judge roles. Additionally, CEO, Bodyguard, and Salesman are not permitted.
  • Mayors may build one extra base.
  • Mayors may build Toll Booths. The rules for these are not clearly defined currently, should it would be advised to contact an administrator (@ZERO) for more information.