Submit your Police or Judge Rank Application here, or look for Law Enforcement groups to join!

In this post, you may see the minimal requirements for applying for a Higher Police Rank.
This system was created so the people could have a say on who will protect and serve them.

All polls on police applications must be like this. Title being "Should X get Y rank", options being "Yes" and "No". Anything else will be changed.

You can use !rproletime in Discord to see your current hours.

Application Requirements

Chief Role:
- 10 +1's.
- 35 Hours Or More As Police.
- Current role must be Swat or Police

Deputy Role
- 20 +1's.
- 40 Hours Or More As Police Chief.
- Current role must be Chief

Captain Role
- 25 +1's.
- 55 Hours Or More As Police Deputy.
-Cureent role must be Deputy

Lawyer Role:
- 20 +1's.
- 35 Hours Or More As Chief.
- Current role must be Chief, Deputy, or Captian

Judge Role:
- 30 +1's.
- 40 Hours Or More As Lawyer.
- Current role must be Lawyer

If over 50% of the required votes are -1 and there are over 10 -1 votes the application is automatically declined.
All applications are valid for a maximum of 30 days

If your application is declined. You must wait 3 days before reapplying, failure to follow this rule may result in your application being declined and you may be blacklisted from applying for that role.

Staff Members who can vouch for Police rank applications: RP Administrators + Super mods.

Staff Members who can accept and deny Applications: RP Administrators and RP Supermods.

You can apply For Servers #10 & #13 Official Police Department in this forum section.

These are able to be changed at any point.
1. No re-votes enabled
2. No alt accounts to boost votes
3. Only one mayor may +3
3. Only the mayor of the current server may +3 (10 Mayor May only +3 whoever is applying on 10)
4. No bumping your application
5. Don’t create multiple threads for the same rank.
6. Chief+ may only be on break for 40 days maximum
7. All hours must be accumulated in-game without the use of hour farming.
8. You cannot pay or incentive people for votes, that is called corruption.
9. You must wait two weeks between applying for another promotion.
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It's very simple. The mayor can give 3 votes total. It is ALWAYS ASSUMED that the mayor ALSO voted for you in the poll. And so, one of his +3 is already counted in your total poll count.

As such, it would be your TOTAL VOTES + 2 = Your ACTUAL WITH MAYOR + 3

Another way to think about is that it's your poll total - 1 + 3 = Actual