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Police minister, Deputy Legit Guide:

Recently I got a lot of pm saying
"Put a kill warrant on someone"
You need to understand that kill warrants are not for fun, they are used by cops to kill dangerous or suspect criminals, you need to give a good reason.

Guide for warrants:
/warrantlist (to see kill warrant currently up)

For deputies and captain:
/warrant "name" "reason" "reward"
Sorry lox :P --> /warrant loxtonjoel police baiting 2000

the reward?
You need to kill the criminal that is in the warrant, pretty simple, don't forget you need to be a cop to accomplish warrants, the money goes to the mayor

I want to do put kill warrants, but I am a fellow cop!
You can;
-ask a Deputy or Captain to out one (with valuable reason)
-apply for chief, after deputy and gain the rank in-game

Applications for higher police rank
You go on police rank apps and you create your app
Please read dutchy's police rank requirements post before applying for a higher rank
You need to be experienced and dedicated, please be serious or your app has low chances to be Accepted


abuse of kill warrants
- for no reason
- no reason + harassment (3 times +/ day)
If so do a player report in the "Report player or staff member"
You create a topic, but you need to provide proof (video or screenshots)

I don't use tickets I more like to arrest but tickets should be used sometimes
Command: /ticket "name" "reason" "amount "
Example: /ticket PriestPleblo unlicensedx2 400

Mayor's profit:
Some of the money collected by tickets will be moved to the mayor

Drug Farm:
To raid a drug farm you need evidence as screenshots or video
Also, you need permission from a captain
you need to
And drop all stuff you want to be eliminated ( drugs and "trash stuff")

Chief's, Deputies and mayor may send fellow officers to go help in an emergency
To call an emergency you do /police "location"
Example: /police Alberton

as a deputy I would recommend making meetings in the bank, you will put fellow units in a team of 2 to patrol

To use radio use this command:
/pr "message"
Example /pr Captain cleanse you will go whit Deputy Legit

On 10 and 13, I recommend you buy the basic cop vehicle (4 seats) /buy v.33

High caliber weapon:
Hell Fury, Grizzly, Ekho, Dragonfang
/arrest loxtonjoel highcalweapon

Chief and Deputies arrests
I got this trick from my good captain Jean
Keep your calm with a non-bandit
-Tell some advice ex: go license your weapons
Whit bandits you decide we have all different ways

An admin will accept you when you will reach the "yes" required and a mod will apply for your role in-game

vote on other cops applications if you want them to be promoted (or not)
Please stay respectful and mature

Senior Deputy and RCMP chief
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