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Should SoLow get Chief?

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By SoLow
A new Police Rank Application has been submitted by SoLow.
  • In-Game Name: Jerry
  • Server: Roleplay #13
  • SteamID64: 76561198451917743
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Applying For: Police/RCMP Chief
  • Age: 15
  • Time in current rank and role: a Unsure for 13, 60 hours as SWAT on 10
  • Reasons why I wish to be promoted: I want to be corrupt as a high rank
  • Higher Police members That Have Vouched For My Ability:
  • Illegal RP items: Dfang, Grizzly, Hell's fury, devil's bane, explosives, shadowstalker 1 and 2, berries, glue, stealy wheelies, and any vehicles that have weapons attached to them.
  • Previous bans: Not on 13
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By Pablo Escobar.
Yes you in the White t-shirt, yes you in the Christmas sweater, yes you to the Right, yes yes yes everyone! It is indeed Pablo here to give his opinion!!

Why not!

+1 from Pablo Escobar himself!
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By gamerdude1
i have had experience before with him and the literal FIRST TIME MEETING HIM WAS HIM PARKING A PLANE STRAIGHT UP(vertical) IN MY BASE THAT I WAS STILL CONSTRUCTING.

and hes literally saying he wants to be a CORRUPT HIGH RANK POLICE
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By NeedlessMemeing
+1 seems good and he's assured me that the 'corruption' thing is a joke.
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By gamerdude1
still going down

edit: and i know know that he is part of criminal orinizations so it is entrely possible that he is going to be corrupt

1first application and even was exepted not to mention the criminal orginization says it wants to have a corrupt part of police