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Should RoRaresYT get Deputy?

By RoRaresYT
A new Police Rank Application has been submitted by RoRaresYT.
  • In-Game Name: (PPF)RoRares
  • Server: Roleplay #10
  • SteamID64: RoRaesYT
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Applying For: Police/RCMP Deputy
  • Age: 15
  • Time in current rank and role: a more then 40
  • Reasons why I wish to be promoted: because i see so many bases that have drugs in it and other illegal bases like hostage bases drug bases and many more illegal bases and i want to make a bigger team using deputy to hold of kosers on pandahut 10#
  • Higher Police members That Have Vouched For My Ability: no
  • Illegal RP items: fragmentation grenade, dragonfang,stealy,mackshiftnade,shadowstalcher,rocketlouncher,rockets,charge,rawexplosives,raw pink berries, raw green berries, raw pale berries, raw blue berries, raw purple berries, raw red berries.
  • Previous bans: no
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By Nyaika
But need's to improve more!
Like fixing you're spelling in you're arrest/ticket description's.
It'll make it hard for the player to understood what you typed.
Over-all +1
For being active and dedicated to the Pandahut Police Force.
Hope to see you as a Deputy Soon Rares!
-From you're good ol' pall Eric.
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By Dogo
hes a good friend and he shoult get deputy
if he get deputy he wil be a good one trust me
i know him like 1-2 months and hes a good friend
and nice to new players and things like that
he know's the rule 1000% i vote him. :hystericalpanda: