All current Roleplay Police groups are listed here.
The Pandahut Police Department
This is a specialized police group of highly trained police officers, SWAT members and T.R.T. officers and are always on standby.
The members of the TRT respond to every raid, every robbery and will make Washington a better and safer place to live.
Our members are also here to help the people in need. Are you lost and don't know where you are? We are there for you!
We have the best teachers in our schools to make sure everyone gets the right training for their function.
Please join our discord BEFORE applying!

General Information
The T.R.T's HQ is Yet to be made.
We love the people of Washington and love talking to them.
We highly support other police groups and make sure we work with them together.

The Pandahut Police Department's Goal
We know how the bandits think of the police force right now in Washington.
They think we are weak, messy and not disciplined. Well, that has to change!
The goal of the T.R.T. is to make the criminals scared of the police force.
The T.R.T. is going to make the police force as strong as it has never been before,
and make Washington a safe place to live again.

How Do You Join The T.R.T.?
1: Reply To This Post Using The Format Below:

Copy the format below, if not responded in this exact format we will not take your application into consideration

In Game Name:
Steam Profile Link:
How many hours have you spend in unturned?:
How many hours have you spend on pandahut?:
How many hours have you spend being police/SWAT?:
Do you have any previous experiences?:
Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it?:
Name all the commands of the police role (/arrest, /pr and so further):
What are the illegal items?:
Explain why you want to join the T.R.T. (minimum of 50 words):
Do you agree to stay loyal and active? (this will otherwise result in a demotion or kick)?:
What would you do if there was a kidnapping going on?:
There is a raid going on. Explain in a minimum of 25 words what your action will be from start to finish?:
What would you do if you saw a T.R.T. member being corrupt?:
What would you do if you saw a T.R.T. owner being corrupt?:
Any information you would like to share?:

Copy the format above, paste it into a reply and fill it out!

2: Wait for one of the higherups of the group to respond to your application.

3: After we have checked your application we will discuss your application among the higherups and try to come back to you as soon as we have made our decision.

4: When we have accepted you, we will gladly respond to your application with your acceptation letter and welcome you to our team! (As well as adding you to our steam group and discord channel ranks):

NOTE: if denied we will send you a message saying you have been declined and can re-apply in 2 days. (If declined again for the second time? reapply in 4 days).

Thank you for taking time to read this, we hope to work with you soon!

Progress has allowed me to use his format