Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By Mushy
If you do not follow these rules your giveaway will be deleted!
  • Any giveaway must be above 50k, this rule is to prevent spam of giveaways.
  • Giveaways cannot ask for anything personal or any personal information to enter, even if joking.
  • The player that is making the giveaway must put their steam profile link or steamid64. All entries are required to as well.
  • The player that is doing the giveaway is responsible for deciding the winner.
  • The player that is doing the giveaway must have the funds to do it when they start it, and pay the winners the amount they first specified right away.
  • No giveaway can last longer than a month.
  • Giveaways must allow all players to enter.
  • Players can only give away bamboo. Admins can give away ranks, this is just done for security.
  • Giveaways must include how much they are giving away and to how many people in the topic post. If they are giving away just to one, they do not need to include a number.
  • No polls are allowed in giveaways.
  • You must not be banned on the server you are giving away bamboo on.