Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
Hjello! My name is Classified and I'll be giving away my admin-pay of 200k to you people! To enter the giveaway please fill in the form below!

InGame name:
Why you should win:
Whats your favorite RP Server?:

The winner will be chosen in 5 days!
InGame name: Abstract Shadow
Steam64ID: 76561198110721803
Why you should win: i liek money an im poor k
Whats your favorite RP Server?: 13
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InGame name: datagalningen
Why you should win: I probably shouldn't
Whats your favorite RP Server?: Pandahut #10 by far
InGame name: PhantomPear
Steam64ID: 76561198258599511
Why you should win: Im An Active RPer and im broke af <3
Whats your favorite RP Server?: 13
InGame name: Anarki_Demonhowl
Steam64ID: 76561198369500636
Why you should win: I dont know, I already won 20k from you (Thanks again btw :grinning: ) but 200k sounds too good to miss out, and this giveaway also encouraged me to FINALLY make a steam profile and it took me 30 mins to find my steam64 id (I didn't even know what that was..... had to look it up) nevertheless i made it just for this give away, I don't expect to win but it would be great if I would tho..... just sayin xD anyways thanks a lot for the 20k, win or lose im still gonna keep playing pandahut AND summer is approaching in my country so i got the whole summer to play in this server, also planned to apply as an admin, to be the bane of KOSers, but Im sure there are better deserving ones out there (I'd probably suck at it), best of luck to this server and thank you for making people like me happy :smile:
Whats your favorite RP Server?: Pandahut 10 like GOOSHHHH I just grind there and keep selling stuff and at times there will only be like 2 people in the server and I will still have fun playing (Somethings probably wrong with me, but whatever) :joy: :joy: :joy:
InGame name: Sw3kMast3r
Steam64ID: 76561198114172855
Why you should win: Cause i think PUBG is better the nFortnite cause you can drive vehicles in PUBG you can't do that in fortnite. I'm also very poor so i can't feed my familie in Pandahut #10. Cause now a days people are in the mafia or in a police group, They just don't need builders anymore :(
Whats your favorite RP Server?: Pandahut #10
InGame name: the humble bumble merchant
Steam64ID: 76561198110021934
Why you should win: I believe I deserve this money cause I'm actually broke af, with about 4k in my balance.
Whats your favorite RP Server?: 13