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InGame name: Sw3kMast3r
Favorite RP server and why: Euhmm well lately i have been playing on Shu's Semi-Rp server But that more for the old school survival then for the Rp and as it is semi-Rp. My favourite Rp server has always been #10 untill the time came where people are or in a police group or in a bandit/mafia group. So i would get or arrested and lose money or get raided and lose money... and i have alot of lagg spikes on #10 but i like #10 the most cause its old school washington(even tho PEI is older Washington is smaller.)
Favorite food: A number 9(i preffer large) A number 6 with extra dip, A number 7 and two number 45's and a large soda!
InGame name: Fuzzy
Steam64ID: On my signature °∆°
Favorite RP server and why: Both cause i like to kill people that have hits
Favorite food:Cheesy lasagne
InGame name: SpadesOfJack
Steam64ID: 76561198322568280
Favorite RP server and why: #10 and #13. #10 is supa laggy, but fun community, really great people, except when there are KOSes. #13 is also gud, not much lag, lots of criminal roles, I believe, but the ratio between po po and criminals are equal, so it makes things interesting
Favorite food: Welsh Rarebit... supa nice
InGame name: Orange
Steam64ID: 76561198067639223
Favorite RP server and why: 13 cause not 5 raids always going on at once
Favorite food: Cuties
InGame name:
Favorite RP server and why:
10. Easiest to raid and make mula on, as well as hunt.
Favorite food:
If the answer isn't bacon, it's wrong.
InGame name: Mellon
Steam64ID: 76561198132938546
Favorite RP server and why: Pandahut #10, so many nice people who love to rp, there is gangs and police, and there is little to none failrp.
Favorite food: Hmmmmmmmmm......... judging by my name...... ima have to say, Watermel.... chicken...