Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By Korven
In Game Name: Korven
Steam 64 Ex:76561198132938546: 76561198179475013
What server (Rp or pvp): RP
(Bonus)[Optional] whats your favorite movie: The incredibles c:
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By SaraziSnipe
In Game Name: Andre Kirelinko
Steam 64:/76561198820236216
What server (Rp or pvp): RP
(Bonus)[Optional] whats your favorite movie: Pulp Fiction, Donnie Darko, Halloween 3-Season Of The Witch
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By Berrie Dealer
In Game Name: Priest bErRiE
Steam 64 Ex:76561198132938546: 76561198814962747
What server (Rp or pvp): #13
(Bonus)[Optional] whats your favorite movie: I like pornos
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By Mellon
In Game Name: ShrewdShroud
Steam 64: 76561198273590813
What server (Rp or pvp): PVP
(Bonus)[Optional] whats your favorite movie: In Time
Congrats you win!!!! (now I believe the money just goes to your account, but if it doesn't message me)
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By Goldy
Giveaway seems to be over. Declared finished
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By progress