Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By MattCobra
Suh dude it's ya boi Matt back here with another MineCraft bow only two arrows 360 no scope montage and I am now Mayor of PEI and that jerk (jk ly Knight) left me with only 320 bamboo so if I win this I will fund my drug addiction and help PEI I mean I will fund PEI.

Steam id: 76561198312729640
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By NeedlessMemeing
Comrade I need many roubles to fund military. If you could be a good ruski and fund me that would help us to destroy capitalist Americans!
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By TastyMelon
76561198093471312 ;) talk to me again ;)
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By Fuzzy
Is this Legit?
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By Mellon
Please Follow the giveaway rules, you must have your steam id, and the people trying to receive the money must also.
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By Legit
YEAH it’s your tripping legit cunt here ,
So the winner is Choi Kok
Just friend me on discord
Also others can friend me if they wish to drip and talk <3 love you my fkg wanna be’s
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By Aren
OP didn’t add 64 ID locked
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By progress