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By Legit
Just fkg comment , I’m choosing tomorrow , if you don’t claim after 12 hrs I will eat your soul Whit an egg

(play Fortnite kids fuck ph)
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By Legit
Bitches not allowed I may eat you and not allow you to it .. if you don’t like it my ass <3
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By Fox said die
(Electronic voice) Give me the damn money or else i will delete your fortnite account so you will lose your battle pass, v-bcks, skins and whatever the hell fornite has to offer.

id: 76561198331089224
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By Yoseph
I need money i am broke i wuv you <3
Btw get ur ass back on Pandahut before I smack you silly.
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By iMC
[insert witty comment here.]

SteamID64 is over here --> 76561198244430414
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By Berrie Dealer
Skeep skibop, your dad is a cop
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By Aren
24 hours to add OPs 64 as well as all comments to add 64 Id
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By Berrie Dealer
By Chooi Kok
Ayyyy Legit, its ya boi Chooi Kok from the old RPHD days. If u tryna spot a boy 100k, I would become ur son. Luv ya and miss ya. Hope to play fortnite wit u sometime.
Steam 64: 76561198200345285
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By Isaiahh
Ishya boi Isaiah form the good old days, the one and only lightskin in PH, hit me up wit that 100k and play fortnite with me sometime
Steam 64 - 76561198021663283