Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By ShrewdShroud
200k BB RP giveaway, one winner.Ends 2018 June 8 23:00 (UTC+2).My steamid64: 76561198273590813 .
The process of selecting the winner is uploaded as an attachment.(password will be published after the deadline)

In-game Name:
Favorite song(s)[optional]:
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By Fuzzy
SteamID64: In signature
In-game Name: Fuzzy
Favorite song(s)[optional]: "XXXTENTACION - SAD!"
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By Yoshi
In-game Name: Yoshi
Favorite song(s)[optional]:Piano man by Billy Joel
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By Quavo
SteamID64: 76561198095383406
In-game Name: Quavo
Favorite song(s)[optional] Bad and Boujee -Migos
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By Social Skillz
SteamID64: its literally in my signature
In-game Name: Wolfe Clancy
Favorite song(s)[optional]: highly suspect, like all their songs, err, not in my blood is also a good one i like, by shawn mendes, err, thats about all i can think of
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By JacobandTaySteam
SteamID64: I believe that it's in my Signature
In-game Name: JacobandTay
Favorite song(s)[optional Star Shopping-Lil Peep
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By TrippL
SteamID64: in signature
In-game Name: Orange
Favorite song(s)[optional]: Allstar by Smash Mouth and Shooting Stars
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By MattCobra
SteamID64: 76561198312729640
In-game Name: MattCobra
Favorite song(s)[optional]: It's Everyday Bro, Litmas, The Emoji Movie soundtrack
By Violin
SteamID64: 76561198304586143
In-game Name: Snowgod
Favorite song(s)[optional]: Let It Go
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By NeedlessMemeing
SteamID64: 76561198110021934
In-game Name: NeedlessMemeing
Favorite song(s)[optional]: when mattcobra sings
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