Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
IG Name: Jack
Steam64ID: 76561198183998075
Favorite PH server: Both
Favorite food/snacks: Pizza/ Doritos
Favorite beverage: Ehhhhhhh Coca Cola
Random stuffies if you want to fill it: I love your Streams and soon we are gonna have our 1V1 and if i win you donate 2$ if you win i will donate you.
Previous rank (donator, if any): VIP+ 10$donator(If i win you need to Upgrade me to MVP)
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IG Name: Cookie
Steam64ID: 76561198305320330
Favorite PH server: 10
Favorite food/snacks: Spagheti
Favorite beverage: i have to say Sprite
Random stuffies if you want to fill it: ur streams are fun but only when u play minesweeper ;(
Previous rank (donator, if any): Vip+
IG Name: JacobandTayTheBigGay
Steam64ID: Signature <3
Favorite PH server: 13 indefinitely
Favorite food/snacks: Them fuckin Tostino pizza rolls man
Favorite beverage: Moutain Dew Baja Blast my guy
Random stuffies if you want to fill it: Your streams are decent, they need more Nekopara..
Previous rank (donator, if any): MVP+ (this one might go to my friend or I might thief the cash)
IG Name: ShrewdShroud
Steam64ID: 76561198273590813
Favorite PH server: #10
Favorite food/snacks: ❄🍒 chilled sour cherry soup (really good on a hot summer day)
Favorite beverage: pálinka ( a type of fruit brandy) with some energy drink
Random stuffies if you want to fill it: :bamboo: weed isn't legal in my country :(
Previous rank (donator, if any): none
IG Name: Questionables
Steam64ID: 76561198238645952
Favorite PH server: PH 1 And 13
Favorite food/snacks: Ramen
Favorite beverage: Fanta or Monster
Random stuffies if you want to fill it: I miss Astro the Admun
Previous rank (donator, if any): Nope ;-; sad lyfe
Took a "Wheel decide" (Thanks Rose for the website).

I added the names of those who joined the giveaway and rolled, the winner becoming "Flexible Fork", please contact me on Discord whenever you can.
Big thanks to everyone that joined, next giveaway in 169 followers!