Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By Fuzzy
Name: Fuzzy
What you want to win: 1 million bamboo
Why you should win: Cause I am a scandinavian
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By Supreme Leader
Name: {wsm leader} Old Supreme Leader
What you want to win: Whatever there is
Why you should win: Cause I've done so much for the community and deserve a reward.
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By Gassern
Name: Gassern
What you want to win: The Vaults
Why you should win: Because i need rockets to my shop
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By PhantomPear
Name: PhantomPear
What you want to win: 500K Or 1 mill
Why you should win: im broke as hell i got 8.6K
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By Danny Dog
Announcing winner soon!
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By Pablo Escobar.
Name: John Wick (but u prob know me as DURIN_VI)
What you want to win: 500k or 1mil.
Why you should win: we was in the police group together many months ago... PSD we arrested people together and had alot of fun i even bought u a car :) also i could need some money to build a big beautiful building in seattle and alberton. its sad that ur leaving we will all miss you especially after those old good times.
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By Liona
Name: El Mexican aka Mother Liona
What you want to win: 100k or 500k
Why you should win: I reckon I should win due to the fact I am poor and wish to have more money to finance my shenanigans.
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