Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
Why not giveaway bamboo for my bday its on the 27th of January so I guess I'll start it now give me a reason why you think you deserve all this bamboo there will be one winner one rp and one pvp let me know which you want. as well as your steam profile links. Good luck to all you guys. :party:
Steam ID:76561198285724376

Steam ID:
What you want to win:
Why you should win:
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Steam ID:76561198317272128
What you want to win:100k rp bamboo
Why you should win:Cuz I need money for my police services and I'm gonna run a police group and it'll cost to
Edit:I will be giving out pay checks to my officers
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Name: AJ aka Old Man AJ
Steam ID: 76561198379770346
What you want to win:100k RP bamboo
Why you should win: Winning this giveaway would let me buy some props for ma studio plus I will soon start some charity stuff on 13 and help cops at 10 (if there's a legit police force )
Name: Supreme Leader
Steam ID: 76561198220606097
What you want to win: 100k rp
Why you should win: Cause I'm poor and I'll put it to good use and not gamble it all
Name: Longey13
Steam ID: 76561198392543294
What you want to win: 100k RP Bamboo
Why you should win: I would use the money on PH10 to continue my charity work and better life for the public, and on 13 it would go to the FBI's salaries and some weapons/gear for us as well.
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Name: Meme Overlord
Id: In signature
What I want to win: 100k RP
Why I want to win: The money would go towards making a new elite police group called The Washington SWAT Team
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Name: John Wick
Steam ID: 76561198145538962
What you want to win: 100k RP
Why you should win: im Beautiful, cool, sexy, amazing, godly, and i'm also such a good human being killing people for money. i also need more money for under my floor.
Steam ID: signature
What you want to win: 1M Bamboo
Why you should win:Because im cool and i would do lots of thing with that money like skydiving with players races etc...