Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By iMC
Steam/IGN: iMC
Age: 20
RP Hours: ~900 hours
Why you want to win: why not.
Discord: iMC#8217
Best memory on RP: Working in PSD as a PSD mechanic & records manager, and later civilian undersheriff.
Example 1: when we tried to do a PSD commercial at Belfast Airport. When I arrived a certain officer had carjacked several police cars onto the roof of the airport. I almost crashed a hind into several vehicles. At the end, we did end up getting the shot, but I was basically left stranded while everyone else took all the vehicles to go do arrests. (can't find the video at the moment)
Example 2: when we were planning to police raid Alberton grocer with vehicles, we met up at Montague garage, and acquired 2 tanks and several chariots. We were thinking of doing a big epic convoy from Montague to Alberton. What ended up happening was the tanks ended up lagging behind while the chariots got there first. After finally getting there, we found out we couldn't use the tanks because we only had one missile each. So the raid was basically just HMGs and dragonfangs. It was still quite the spectacle though.
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By MemeOverlord
Don't encourage rulebreaking
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By Jacket1
Steam/IGN: Jacket
Age: N/A
RP hours: 715 hours
Why you want to win: i poor man and i need money to fuel my expendatures
Discord: Jacket #4915
Best memory on RP: making a house based on jacket's actual house from hotline miami on #10, looked dank as frick
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By NeedlessMemeing
Steam/IGN: NeedlessMemeing
Age: 14 turning 15
RP Hours: 778.2 hours
Why you want to win: So I can buy 500 grenades in honour of MattCobra
Discord: NeedlessMemeing#8737
Best memory on RP: When 13 had mods :crying:
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By Ace Clip
Steam/IGN: Ace Clip i guess
Age: nO peRsoNaL inForMation tO eNTer
RP Hours: around 33 i guess
Why you want to win: to mass kos everyone i seeto help everyone on the server
Discord: i dont have discord
Best memory on RP: leave me alone
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By Cookie
Steam/IGN: Cookie
Age: 3.5
RP Hours: around 700 yes i have no life fuck you
Why you want to win: money is nice
Discord: Cookie#9079
Best memory on RP: building a car with around 30k worth of cagelights and getting banned for a week
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By Liona
Winner is AJ, pm me on discord bullied#9654 and ill drop you the cash sometime.

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By Javi-kun
Liona wrote:Winner is AJ, pm me on discord bullied#9654 and ill drop you the cash sometime.

Miku is supposed to transfer it to him.