Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By Astro
Hello lovely people. To celebrate me joining the staff team again I will be giving away 300,000 (100,000 x 3) to 3 lucky people! If you win. You will be given 100,000 bamboo.

To enter: tell me one of your favorite memories of Pandahut so far. If you don't have one. Type a suggestion that you think could improve the server.

Good luck! Winners will be chosen at random on October 30th.

Have Fun!

Note that as per giveaway rules, you MUST enter your ID64 in the comments below to be a valid entry

Giveaway notes: 100,000 to three people = 300,000

My steam profile link:
My ID 64: 76561198313051626
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By Fun-Gi
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By iDiedOk

Favorite memory is from #13 right after i just got Trial mod, you, rose, and ze golden all came to my builder base at the cove, we all got jets and flew around the server for a bit, is my most fond memory of pandahut to date.
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By nbhIsHere
Steam ID64: 76561198848416898

Profile is:

My favourite memory: When I summoned bears and a wolf by flickering the lights and saying "miku" 3 times
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By SnowingFate657
Steam ID: 76561198049021225
Profile :
Memory: When I first joined pandahut a few years ago and was a kidnapper, I tossed a grenade to kill cops and it ended up rolling back to me from a sloped plate and I killed myself. I spent almost an hour setting up the base and luring someone over.
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By TomatoChunks
Steam 64: 76561198102672252
Favorite Pandahut Memory
Suggestion: Make a command so players can create a support ticket in-game that mods can see in chat. This would make it so that once they are done helping someone with an issue they can easily move on to the next one without having to ask who else needs help. It would also make it so people can create these tickets even when mods are offline so that when one does get on they know everyone that needs help.
Ex: /supportticket I was KOSed.
A mod could type a command like /supporttickets and see a list of all the tickets players have made in order to help them.
Ex: 1. Miku: I was KOSed.
2. MattCobra: I was false raided.
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By Nicolas
Id64: 76561198320744194
Favorite memory: when me and a couple of people were in everte and we kept telling people to "SLOW DONW!" because they were going to fast so the maximum MPH was 2
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By lawyer
Favorite moment is back in 2018 pandahut13 Pablo Escobar gave me his helicopter and I tried to fly it and blew 6 people up in the process
I think they should make the blt price a little bit more cheaper
Money being used for
To buy 2000 blts