Police Demotions Requests which are Finished
A new Police Demotion Request has been submitted by GraniteM Hotshots.
  • Player's Name: Collin23xc
  • Player's SteamID64: 76561199006688032
  • Player's Police Rank: Police Officer
  • Reason / Evidence: https://ibb.co/85Mw6kG
    3 unpaid tickets as police officer and also changes a role to bandit and robs people.
I'm pretty sure I could get a forum warning for this but from experience, your behavior as a police officer only matters when they're directly a police officer, meaning they cant be demoted for becoming a bandit and robbing people. The first reason is demotable, though.
As it says under the application itself, only Mayors and Police Captains, Deputies and Chiefs can fill out Police Demotion Requests and demote players.(You are no longer deputy+old report, I apologize for the delay)

Also, they cannot be demoted for changing roles, anyone is allowed to change roles.
 Moved from Police Demotions to Finished on November 9th, 2020, 8:54 am by Outspace