Police Demotions Requests which are Finished
By Roseeee
A new Police Demotion Request has been submitted by Roseeee.
  • Player's Name: [PPF CDR] Jacklay43
  • Player's SteamID64: 76561198258868448
  • Player's Police Rank: SWAT
  • Reason / Evidence: Breaking this law- (A) Police chiefs and over, who may carry and use grenades, raw explosives, rockets and missiles. This does not, however, allow other illegal items to be possessed. All police officers may use charges.

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By Miku
If that's the only law/rule he broke, I just Police Striked him for now

[05/11/2021 08:56:28.661 AM] [Info] Pandahut >> Broadcast: '76561198258868448' has been given a Police Strike, they are currently at 1 Strikes!

Not worth getting banned over, imo.

If there's something else he broke, let me know.
 Moved from Police Demotions to Finished on May 11th, 2021, 4:57 am by Miku