Police Demotions Requests which are Finished
A new Police Demotion Request has been submitted by SnowingFate657.
  • Player's Name: AtomicYT
  • Player's SteamID64: 76561198828755925
  • Player's Police Rank: Police officer
  • Reason / Evidence:

    (4) Failure to do police duties professionally.
    (6) Corruption, with valid evidence.
    (7) The sale of police vehicles or clothing to anybody who is not part of law enforcement.
Joking about selling the tank when it was not clear you were joking is unprofessional. It did not seem like a joke during the video at all.
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I now know why it was unprofessional I needed to make it more clear that I was joking I don't want to be demoted but I was not being clear so anyone could have thought I was genuinely selling the tank I am very sorry and will not make those types of jokes anymore
[05/11/2021 09:00:40.778 AM] [Info] Pandahut >> Broadcast: '76561198828755925' has been given a Police Strike! Reason: Demotion Request - FG2343C / poor jokes

Note this was a strike, and not a ban. Get 3 strikes and you're out, of police that is. (1 month police ban)