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By Mushy
Hi all,

Our RP team has been hard at work in clarifying some grey areas in the RP Rules, as well as making several tweaks and additions to it. You can find the full list of rule changes below.

  • RP Vehicles
    • Stealing fuel (from a vehicle) or a vehicle with a stealy wheely makes you KoSable to the owners of the vehicle, note that it MUST be yours, or it will be KoS.
  • Player-Built Structures
    • You MAY NOT create KoS zones! Claiming Areas / KoS Zones constitute the following:
      • Blocking off roads or/and driveways.
  • KoS
    • You cannot pick up KoS loot. If you do, a staff member can clear your entire inventory.

    • If you are damaged by crossfire of a RP event that you’re not apart of, you can’t defend yourself, as it is considered your own fault for being in the way.

  • Rules: Kidnapping
    • During a kidnap the kidnappers must be within 35m~ of the hostage the police must be within 50 meters during a rescue.
    • You cannot fly around in planes, helicopters or any other air vehicles with plates to cover yourself. The kidnap must be in a base.
    • When in a hostage situation the police officers have to type the /rescue command. When this is done he is now KoS to the kidnapper and vice versa. Once rescue is announced the Kidnapper is KoS to the police officer(s) which announce, and the Police officers who have announced are KoS to the kidnapper(s).
    • Police can only end their rescues if they must leave or the kidnap is over, this is to prevent abusing /rescueover to re-position.
    • Police in the area around the base is KoS (if they follow the clothing rule), this is to prevent police from running around, giving info, hiding nearby and calling rescue when they got an unfair advantage.
    • The maximum ransom amount you may demand during a kidnap is the following:
      • The maximum for random players is 3,000 bamboo.
      • The maximum for Police Chief's is 5,000 bamboo.
      • The maximum for Police Deputy's is 8,000 bamboo.
      • The maximum for Police Captain's is 12,000 bamboo.
      • The maximum for Mayors is 10,000 bamboo.

  • Rules: Arrests & Warrants
    • All police officers participating in the arrest must be in full police uniform.
    • Upon having a warrant on you, the only time you may self-defend is when a police officer has started an arrest on you, at which point you may KoS them. Meaning, you cannot go ahead and kill every single police officer you see simply because you currently have a warrant on you.
    • When a player with a warrant is surrendering, they must announce their surrender in world chat at least once.
      • NOTE: If a player has a warrant on them any officer by the law may arrest them.
      • Once a surrender is declared, the player may not resist arrest or do anything to prevent officers from taking them into custody.
      • When a player surrenders, they must be taken to a police station and be FULLY inside before the arrest can be called.

  • Rules: Bandit and Police Raids
    • You may not raid a base and break all the floors to prevent the previous owner to rebuild, however, if you plan to make a base there, you can.
    • If a prefabricated building (buildings that come with the map) has multiple separate owners of different groups, you cannot raid the entire building in one /raid. (ex. If it's an apartment building with each floor owned differently, although if all floors are owned by same group you can raid them all in one /raid).
      • Remember, this rule applies to bases in prefabricated buildings ONLY
      • All player-built buildings may still be raided in a single /raid.
    • Hiding lockers/storages to use for “reclaiming” bases is not allowed, and we will not care if you have hid some weapon racks etc.
    • REMOVED: You may not raid a base and break all the floors to prevent the previous owner to rebuild, however, if you plan to make a base there, you can.

    A huge thank you goes out to Classi, Outspace, iMC, Burnt, Zero, Jlolley and all our players for your suggestions on these rule changes. :heartfulpanda:

    In case you guys have any issues with the changes above, please create a new post under our RP Suggestions Forum Section. Stay safe and don't forget to clean your hands, cell phones and computer peripherals!

    Enjoy! :party:
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