Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Miku
Hi Pandas,

We've been busy adding new features to all servers since the last announcement on June 12th. Here's the summary!

Brief Overview
  • All Servers - Lots of Quality of Life (QOL) additions, outlined below
    • Added the
    • /transferobj (in beta) to allow you to easily transfer ownership of buildables between groups
    • Raid/Decay Discord Alerts now expand to all types of structures
  • Rust - Map updated, Revamped Vendor System, Airdrops
  • Decay System - Implemented vehicle decay
  • Roleplay - Tons of QOL changes: Added /wp for automatic warns, /drugtest, /frisk, /impound system, police /strike system & more!

You can read further details about the changes outlined below.

We have 4 Servers on the new curated map, Elver, made by Unturned community member Danaby2!
  • Pandahut #5 [KitPvP]
    • IP:, Port: 27015
  • Pandahut #1 [Modded] [Semi-Vanilla]
    • IP:, Port: 27015
  • Pandahut #15 [Kitpvp] [EU]
    • IP:, Port: 27015
  • Pandahut #17 [Semi-Vanilla] [EU]
    • IP:, Port: 27015

Pandahut #20 has also been launched in Europe:
  • Pandahut #20 [EU][Semi-Vanilla][10x][Old School] 
  • IP:
  • Port: 27015
  • Map: PEI
  • It has the same configuration as Pandahut #11, but on EU instead of NA

Detailed changes list - All Servers:
  • Formatting the output of /pay, /balancelog & /balance now includes commas, for better readability
  • Tiny Bamboo transfers, such as 0.000000001, have been disabled to prevent confusion between players
  • Raid and Decay Alerts now include ALL Structures, Doors, Lockers, Crates, Wardrobes, Claim Flags, Glass/Windows, Sentries & Turrets
  • Added /transferobj , which allows you switch ALL of your map buildables to your new group
    • Your group members will be required to re-connect to the server after the transfer
    • Once this is done, members of the new group will have access to all items in the transferred buildable, including lockers, etc.
    • Note: We are exploring a way around the requirement to re-connect, and may have an update on this in the future.
    • The purpose of this command is to save you time from salvaging entire structures in the event of a group change or property sale
  • /TPAing to players in Vehicles will put you in the vehicle with them if there is space, instead of cancelling the teleport
  • Automatic Ranks and Subscriptions!
    • It is no longer required to re-connect to our servers after buying a rank for most cases, unless you enter your SteamID64 incorrectly in the purchase form
  • Added /range to measure the distance between of target which you are looking at
  • Added /coinflip (or just /flip), as well as /randomnumber (or just /number) for bets, events, etc.
  • Added /feedback <idea> so you can send your suggestions our way without leaving the game!
  • Updated ban and kick messages for better readability
  • Fixed missing death messages in chat for some zombie kills

Semi-Vanilla, Rust, Vanilla+, KitPvP and Normal PvP Decay System Changes
  • Added Claim flag decay system to Vanilla+ servers
  • Added Tool Cupboard decay system to Rust
    • Objects inside its range will be prevented from decaying, while objects outside its range will slowly take damage.
  • Added Vehicle Decay - Vehicles outside the range of Claim Flags/Tool Cupboards/Generators (depending on the server) will slowly take damage
    • It takes at least 24 hours for a full health vehicle to be destroyed
    • Vehicles inside of their range are healed at the same rate
  • Optimized/reworked most of the core decay system

Semi-Vanilla and Vanilla+ Map Point System
  • Based on your feedback, we have added a system to the servers below which stops you from building inside of Map Points!
  • Trying to place structures (walls, floors, pillars, etc) inside of a Map Point will notify you that you cannot perform this action
    • This will also happen for most storage, beds, generators, claim flags, etc so you don't accidentally make a base inside of a Map Point
    • All other buildables are still allowed to be placed inside of Map Points. However, they will have a decay time of only 10 minutes
    • You will also receive a decay warning message when first placing a barricade inside of a Map Point
  • Added the /inpoint command, so you can easily check if you are inside of a Map Point
  • Fixed issues with being unable to place buildables on vehicles inside of Map Point
  • Fixed issues with Horde Beacons decaying too quickly. They will now decay in ~80 minutes while inside of Map Points, instead of 10 minutes

Semi-Vanilla and Rust "Rust-like Resource Collection System"
  • Based on your feedback, we have added a system that gives you resources while you are breaking the resource!
    • Effectively, this means you receive wood while cutting down a tree, or sulfur while still mining the node
    • These extra resources are automatically placed inside of your inventory if there is room, otherwise, they are dropped to the ground
  • Fixed issues with this system being abused with low-damaging melee items such as blowtorches. These items no longer give you extra resources when using them as a resource-collection tool

Rust Changes:
  • Added warehouse map point
  • Added all the existing map points to be named on the map, primarily for Raid/Decay Alerts (Use /link to enable them!)
  • Added more spawns for Elite Crates
  • Added more vending locations. The two main ones are Dome & Harbor
  • Added more claim flags to map points
  • Converted Vendors to use Scrap
  • Added Scrap X10
  • Fixed and expanded Airdrops items - New Airdrops will drop the l96, Spas, Turrets
  • Fixed issues with Elite Crates and Stacks of resources not showing for players
    • These items were moved to a separate extra mod instead of being inside of the map itself

Unturnov Changes:
  • Reworked Vault Plugin to stop issues with items losing rotation/position & issues with placing too many items in the vault. This will be active on Pandahut #12
  • Added rule about not placing in hallways except next to hallways you own

Roleplay Changes
  • Added /followrpevent (or just /follow) <playername>
    • You can follow one player online and any RP Event they start (i.e if they arrest someone, rob someone, kidnap someone, etc) you will automatically attempt to assist them
    • This system should be considered Beta. If it fails to automatically assist a player for you, and you KOS someone because of it, it will be considered your fault. Be sure to check for the assist message in chat before opening fire
    • If the player you are following leaves the server, you will need to re-follow them if they rejoin
  • Added World Chat Cooldown.
  • Police Strike System - Police can be /strike(d) and check their /strikes
    • If they receive more than 3 strikes, they automatically are police banned
    • Police bans and each strike last for one month each
  • Added the /strikes command to check your pending strikes. This is just a complementary system to the Police Bans subforum/system
  • Added Police /impound system. Members with the Police Chiefs rank and higher can impound vehicles subject to the Laws of that server. Players with impounded vehicles can use /impoundlist (/ilist), /impounddelete <slot> (/idel) and /impoundtake <slot> (/itake) to manage it like garage. The fee to get back an impounded vehicle is 750 bamboo.
    • The server will now automatically message the owner of an impounded vehicle once their vehicle is impounded, if the owner is online
    • You will not be able to /impound a vehicle with players in it
  • The /wp (or /warnplayer) has been added. If you are robbing, arresting, or kidnapping, doing /wp will automatically send the warning in chat for you
  • Any Police Captain, Deputy, Chief, or the current Mayor can submit Players for Police ban (demotion) with proof via the Police Demotions subforum -
  • You can no longer blowtorch/repair buildables which were damaged less than 2 minutes ago
  • Added /frisk <playername> to Police ranks for use on cuffed players. This will drop any illegal items they may be carrying
  • Changed time format to Day/Hours/Minutes when doing /tickets
  • Added /drugtest <playername> (or just /test)
    • You can only test players who are surrendering or cuffed
    • Drugs you use will only stay detectable for 15 minutes
  • Fixed players without a role uncuffing themselves by dying
  • Fixed new issue with Nelson's vehicle colliders and vehicles taken out of the garage
  • /Jail has a hard, plugin-enforced 15 minutes cap
  • Kidnaps will no longer require a ransom input. It automatically takes the highest ransom amount based on the the target player's role
    • Example: Instead of doing /kidnap player 3000 for regular players, and /kidnap mayor 10000 for mayors, it will automatically pick the their ransom price
    • [Remember that you can always negotiate the final ransom price
  • Ticketing will not work if there is an object between you and the player
    • It will effectively draw a line between you and the player, checking if it hits anything
  • Fixed issue with zone-entering notifications not showing
  • Fixed issue with /raid reason doubling (i.e typing /raid All of Canada would make your raid description "All of Canada All of Canada")
  • Fixed minor issues with the output of RP Events ending when you declare a new one (i.e assisting a new event will end your other ones, but it would broadcast the incorrect name of the RP Event)
  • Reworked Gun Licenses. Guns now show that they are illegal inside of /checkplayer.
    • Police have infinite licenses for illegal weapons (and they won't show as illegal). It should be a lot easier now to buy licenses by Weapon's name as well. (i.e /license buy card 4 will work!)
  • Issues with some unlicensable guns, such as the Calling Card, have been resolved
  • Added readability improvements to the output of /checkplayer, /checkself for a much cleaner display the items list
  • Modified Vehicle ran over damage (full speed) from 60hp to 40hp
  • Blowtorching players no longer does damage
  • If you do /home and then get involved in an RP Situation, the /home command will be cancelled
  • You will no longer be able to place helicopters or airplanes into regular garages. You must now Airports/airfields for air vehicles (i.e Everett-airport for RP #10)

RP Law Changes:
  • Being under the influence of any illegal drug or narcotic. 5 minutes of jail time per drug class used. (i.e 5 minutes for being under the influence of berries, 10 minutes for being under the influence of berries and glue)
  • Added impounding rules -
  • Rails are no longer illegal
  • Military Knives are no longer illegal

RP Rule Changes:
  • Any bases that contain a prefabricated building may be claimed, but only when ALL player-placed objects are destroyed. (Small Barricades like plates and lights don't need to be destroyed). If an object is hidden from view, it does not count.
  • Traps are now subject to the same rules as Friendly Sentry guns. (i.e you can only place them in your completely closed off base, non-accessible to other group members and a few other restrictions). Read more at

  • The lists above should NOT be considered a complete list of all changes. We ask that all players fully reread both rules and laws!
  • We also announced all of these chance in the Pandahut Discord

Servers with /ranks (Semi-Vanilla, Unturnov, KitPvp):
  • Servers with Member Ranks now have the /nextrank command.
    • This command checks your next rank, as well as how many points you are away from reaching it

Discord Changes:
  • Added the #servers-info channel detailing all the servers and their status, as well as the overall network status and player stats
  • Added !alerts to easily disable/enable Raid Alerts
  • MVP+ can now use !notifications <server name> to ignore alerts from that server specifically. For example: !notifications #10 or !notifications Pandahut #20 will toggle the corresponding server.
  • Fixed issues with the ticket system that arose from Discord API Changes
  • Added a welcome message when you first establish a !link (/link in-game), detailing how Raid Alerts Work
  • Added the !supporter command as a way to receive the Discord if you are a paid Member
    • This command will work if you have already /linked your game account with the Pandahut Discord

Changes to
  • Fixed viewing PvP Warns
  • Heavily optimized the view of Bans, RP Events, Warnings, etc.
  • Also fixed an issue with it bugging out when loading a lot of results

The Rules are now in Spanish - Dutch - Bosnian - Macedonian - Russian. Thanks to our community members for the translation work!

If you have any problems with the changes listed above, feel free to give us your feedback! You can use /feedback <idea> in-game, our #suggestions or #support channels in the Pandahut Discord, as well as the Suggestions subforums for RP and PvP!

Thank you all for your continued presence and support! :heartfulpanda:
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