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A new Staff Application has been submitted by HTLM.
  • In-Game Name: HTLM
  • Age: 17
  • Rank Desired: Moderator
  • Online Hours (Example: 5PM to 9PM EST): 4pm to 10pm
  • Time Zone: GMT+1.
  • Time (in Hours Total) I Have Been Playing at Pandahut: 232hours
  • SteamID64: 76561198451748553
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Staff Member(s) That Have Vouched for my ability: no
  • Do I Have A Microphone and Am I Willing to Use It Often: No
  • Administrative Experience on any Other Servers, with Proof: I used to own my own server but dont got any proof
  • Why I Think I Should Be A Staff Member: I think i should become staff because most of the time when im on people getting kosed and false raided but there is no staff on at that time usually. I wanna help this server by being a member of its staff team, i want to be able to help the players on the server new as old so that everybody get as good rp experience as they possibly can. I want to help getting rid of kosers aswell as help players with description or anything really. I also got some experience as a staff member and i really think i could help the server become a little better and provide help to the people who needs it.
By ImPluto
+1 Pretty nice and respectful
+1 Takes in that RP isn't anything personal, ( I don't think he will be biased base on RP experiences)
+1 Very mature

In all +1 for me. Goodluck :heartfulpanda:
-Dolos :D
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By Matty

Helpful towards new players (gives them jobs etc)
Understands the rules well
Staff material

Goodluck OP :heartfulpanda:
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By progress
By JackOfHearts
He is a very helpful person. When I joined BHR he was extremely helpful and nice, and he let me raid with him. Just a 10/10 guy. Good Luck! :)
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By Haaland
+1 sure