Important Information regarding the servers.
Hello Pandas,

Here are the newest changes to the Pandahut #10 rules!
Player-Built Structures
Berry and crops are not allowed to be placed inside of Seattle. Players and groups are not allowed to have more than 8 plots worth of crops/berries at a time.

The dimensions of a base should be classified as follows:
1. In length and width, each floor or roof horizontally counts towards the dimension.
2. In height, each wall vertically counts towards the dimension.
3.Triangular floors/roofs should be counted from the LONGEST STRAIGHT SIDE (this may go through the center of a triangle).

Police, Lawyers, & Judges
Law enforcement roles may only issue out tickets and warrants if they witness the crime. They MAY NOT use chat for this advantage. Witnesses can tell law enforcement roles if they see a crime, which the officers can then act on that without needing to witness the crime themselves.

Players with a prison sentence of 5 minutes or longer may be charged by Police Chiefs or higher. Players may choose to not go to court and instead serve their time entirely. If players choose to not go to court, they cannot be forced to do so.

If an officer is planning to raid, counter a raid, rescue, or arrest, the officer must be in proper uniform.
At least 3 pieces from a set of clothes or full uniform (spec ops clothes paired with coalition clothes and/or regular police clothes is still proper uniform), must be instantly recognizable.

If you have any questions, please DM an RP Administrator.
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