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Miku is hacker, she gave me no fall damage at one point
I stole her hack gun but she abuse me to give it back :c
And she mute me on discord for no reason ;-;
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By Santiim
Woow, didn’t expect this to blow up this much, THAT EVEN MUSHY SAW IT :heartfulpanda:
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By Stacey
miku? well the first thing that comes to my mind is that she doesn't like to be arrested. by that I mean she is willing to cancel the event and place a 25k hit on me :/
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By Santiim
Mushy is the love of my life
Miku is the… um, yea Miku :LovelyPanda:
By Flopdup
krome for mayor
free magic
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By Taco_bell_food
When I used to be mod when they where remaking #13 and I got to beta test it as a mod and all I remember was miku joining and I killed her and in response she locked me in the sheriffs department with bears...... I think NBH or someone else was with me, maybe lawyer?
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