Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Mushy
Hi Pandas,

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on recreating Unturned GunGame, for which we have previously shown a sneak peek on Discord, under in 🔶#patch-notes. It's been a long wait, but the server is finally up!

GunGame Test Server!
  • The server is currently in BETA, as the plugin, map, spawn points, and misc. server config may still need some work. We plan to iron these out with your feedback over time.

Server Info
You can find the server details and connection info below, as well as on Discord under ⭐#servers-info or at
  • Name: Pandahut #21 [GunGame v 2.0 BETA] [US-East]
  • IP: OR ( may be replaced with, as with all PH servers)
  • Port: 27015
  • Map: Transit
  • Region: US-East-NYC
  • Server Type: GunGame Arena
  • Server Info: Unturned GunGame Remastered: Match-based GameMode. Upgrade your weapon with each kill. No Bulletdrop, No Leg Breaking, No Bleeding, Max Skills, Infinite Stamina, 1.5x Player Speed.

Further Notes
  • If you're unsure what GunGame entails, it works just like popular GunGame mods/plugins for CS:GO, Minecraft, etc. Each kill upgrades your weapon. The last weapon is usually something tough, such as a knife or fists.
  • A hearty thank-you to @krezen for providing us with the super awesome map for GunGame, and @Kalur for the help in remastering & testing the plugin. :heartfulpanda:

If you have any bug reports, please let us know on Discord in our 🔧#support channel. Suggestions & ideas should go under 📥#gungame-suggestions.

Enjoy! :LovelyPanda:
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