Important Information regarding the servers.
Hello Pandas,

I am very excited to share with you all something that the RP Administrators have been working on! Here's what we've been wanting to show you for so long!
Cops & Crims Trailer
Mafia Boss
  • Has the combined abilities of the Drug Lord, Kidnapper & Bandit.
  • Able to assist raids every thirty minutes and call a raid every sixty minutes.
  • Mafia Boss has an election held at the beginning of the month like the Mayor. There is no set amount of Mafia Bosses, but there will always be at least two. For every major crime group that's relatively known, there will be one more Mafia Boss opening. It is to our discretion if your group fits the criteria. No break is needed for a Mafia Boss to be reelected. A group can only have one Mafia Boss!
  • May bribe police to not join an RP event using bamboo.
  • Able to counter all raids, by both criminals and police.
  • Able to counter all Smuggler, Terrorist, & Explosive Expert arrests made by police on those roles, like how a Bandit can counter another arrest on a Bandit.
  • Able to call a raid every six hours.
  • Able to use fragmentation grenades, sticky grenades, snowballs, & precision charges when countering raids.
  • VIP-exclusive role
  • Must wear at least three articles of military clothing (Arctic, Desert, and/or Forest) in order to counter raids.
  • Has one life when countering raids (can’t come back if they die in the raidzone).
  • Able to raid and assist raids like a Kidnapper, Drug Lord, Bandit, & Hitman.
  • Available for everyone after the player has at least two hours on the server.
  • Able to hide all items and licenses that might show up when police /checkplayer them.
  • May commit minor crimes to hide their identity while undercover.
  • Only Police Deputies & Police Captains may do /agent to become an Agent.
  • Able to see and use /pr & /911 chat.
  • Can add players to the /wantedlist, which will show the wanted player's last general location they were in.
  • Able to arrest wanted players with /arrest, which will let Agents do /wp every seven-ish seconds for a total of twenty seconds! It will say "Wanted Arrest" for Agent arrests.
  • Salary of 1000 BB every hour.
  • All legal guns are automatically licensed.
  • The most beloved role ever!
  • Available for everyone with no hour requirement.
  • Salary of 13 BB every hour!
We have taken inspiration from the communities feedback in making this update, but we still need more! If you have any feedback or ideas that you would like to see in Pandahut RP, please put them in #suggestions on our discord! Make sure it's a helpful suggestion though. The Mafia Boss election will go live November 1st.

What's next for Pandahut #10 RP? We plan to rework the Justice system and the laws to make the courts a more enjoyable and common RP situation that's fun for both sides, even if the player is sentenced to death in the end! We also would like to add more RP events, so be sure to give us ideas on that too!

We will release the update to Pandahut #10 on October 31st!
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