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By Flopdup
Hey Pandas! 🎍

I am happy to announce the re-introduction of the Pandahut Instagram, as well as a new Podcast, more on that below.

On our Instagram page, we will be posting our selection of the best & funniest player & staff-submitted pictures & videos, as well as perk giveaways for the selected submissions. Player-submitted content will be selected from our #📸unturned-pics-and-videos Channel in the Pandahut Discord.

The Podcast will have multiple segments, which will include, but are not limited to the following topics:
  • Our top weekly picks for the funniest user-submitted pictures & videos
  • Announcement of the winners of Rank, Bamboo , and XP prizes
  • RP Player Shop advertisements & promotions
  • Interviews with Players and Staff members
  • General topics & events happening within the Pandahut community
  • Bloopers
If you have any thoughts, ideas, or Unturned media you'd like to discuss, please reach out to me on Discord! @Flopdup#4127.

Thank you all for your attention! :hystericalpanda:

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